LONGi recognized by China Xinhua News as a “National Brands, China Strength”

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September 7, 2018. Xinhua News Agency’ named LONGi Solar a “Future Star” in its “National Brands” project in recognition of its advanced technologies, sound financial health and commitment to advance PV grid parity.

With the cost of PV falling nearly 90% in the past decade, the “PV + Energy Storage” is viable as a low-cost clean energy solution for the future. Since 2016, LONGi Solar deployed new production capacities in Malaysia and China’s Yunnan Province, where there are plentiful hydropower, to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. It’s estimated that 1 kWh of hydropower can produce a PV product that will generate 30 kWh of clean electricity over its life cycle.

LONGi Solar Chairman Zhong Baoshen said, “despite all the ups and downs in the PV industry, LONGi Solar has always made prudent decisions and empowered enterprise development with China ‘Top-Runner” strategy’. At present, China is striding forward in the use of new energy to power large technical and industrial industries. Chinese PV enterprises lead the world in cost control, manufacturing capacity and R&D. The PV industry is one of the few where Chinese enterprises have gained an advantageous position in the global market.”

 Ye Jundong, editor-in-chief of China Comment magazine, said, Xinhua News Agency ‘National Brands, China Strength’ project is an active response to China’s strategy to strengthen national strength by developing national brands. With the advantages of large-scale production, vertical integration, technical innovations and brand recognition developed over time, LONGi Solar has strongly advocated ‘green governance’, and supported the construction of a community with shared future for all mankind. We expect that the strategic cooperation between Xinhua News Agency and LONGi Solar will help LONGi Solar create a more inclusive and attractive corporate brand, while Xinhua News Agency and other media will pay more attention to Chinese PV industry, Chinese enterprises and Chinese brands.”

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