BloombergNEF Global PV Outlook rates LONGi with the highest Altman-Z score

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On February 19, 2020, BloombergNEF, a leading provider of global PV business dynamics and financial information, released the “1Q 2020 Global PV Market Outlook”. LONGi, the world’s leading solar module manufacturer, was rated with the highest Altman Z score of all the publically quoted pureplay solar manufacturers. LONGi is also on BloombergNEF’s Tier 1 module maker list and one of the three largest module manufacturers, by capacity.

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Figure:1Q 2020 Global PV Market Outlook》,BloombergNEF

The Altman-Z score is a ratio indicator that reflects the financial health of a manufacturing company. LONGi was listed first amongst all pure play PV companies worldwide with a score of 3.6, indicating strong financial health.

For years, LONGi has maintained leading risk control management and the ability to quickly respond to market changes. The company operates on a philosophy of stable operation and sustainable development, and LONGi has maintained a low asset-liability ratio around 50% through the years, which is amongst the lowest in the PV industry. The strong return on assets, sustained profitability and proven bankability has been validated and recognized by the industry.

Throughout its operations, LONGi has demonstrated its sustainable development capabilities and responsibilities as a world leading global solar technology company.

“LONGi's stable and reliable performance in the solar market has built a good reputation in the industry. Shipments of LONGi’s solar products worldwide have grown rapidly and we are gaining traction to be the first choice for global customers. LONGi will continue to provide leading technologies and high value return to our customers and partners.” Wang Yingge, Head of Global Marketing, LONGi Solar, commented.