LONGi secures CSA lab qualification to clear path to North American markets

Global News

On April 21st, the module lab of LONGi’s Product R&D Center passed an on-site audit by an expert panel of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and became testing facility for the CSA’s ‘Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing for Certification Program’ (WMTC) in the field of photovoltaics.

CSA is an authoritative standard-setting, testing and certification body, and is one of the largest in North America. Acquiring the qualification from CSA means that LONGi can now use its own resources to conduct on-site testing of its products according to the standards required under the witness of third-party institutions. This can effectively shorten the certification testing cycle, reduce costs for new product and material projects, allow for rapid response to market changes, and comprehensively improve certification efficiency and customer service quality.


The qualification will reinforce the strength of LONGi’s products in securing North American certifications and help the company serve its customers and partners in North America and beyond with a faster response and higher standards.


Dr. Lv Jun, LONGi Solar’s Vice President, said, “Acquiring this qualification means that LONGi’s product quality and testing technology have reached the international first-class level. It consolidates the company’s continued leadership in technology R&D and product reliability, greatly enhances the response capability of LONGi’s new products to serve the market, and further enhances the competitiveness of its products globally.


Ms. Ge Yanqing, Vice President of the CSA Group, said at the certificate award ceremony, “As a century-old standard-setting, testing, inspection and certification organization, the CSA Group has been committed to finding solutions to the social and security problems brought about by the emergence of new technologies. It has worked extensively with customers to provide one-stop services, including standards training, initial product design evaluation, and real-time project management, to help partners take the lead and gain an upper hand in a complex and ever-changing market. The accreditation of LONGi as a global leading solar technology company fully demonstrates the compliance of its products with international safety standards.”