LONGi M6 silicon wafers and Hi-MO 4 modules launched simultaneously, opening the bifacial 420W+ era

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2019 could become the year of grid parity. High power, high efficiency and high reliability have become key indicators in PV technological development. On May 15th, LONGi debuted the new generation. Hi-MO 4 and Real Black series of high efficiency modules in InterSolar Europe, followed by successive launches in Australia, Mexico and China.

Upstream of module production, silicon wafers account for 30%-40% of the cost of the module. Hence, advances in silicon wafers technology is instrumental in cost reductions and creating more efficient products.

Newly released M6 Silicon Wafers

In 2013, LONGi released the M1 and M2 monocrystalline silicon wafers that unified silicon wafer sizes with five leading monocrystalline silicon wafer manufacturers. The new silicon wafer standard, led by LONGi, was included in the SEMI standard and adopted worldwide.

The upgrade of M6 silicon wafer’s specification allows a larger light-capture area which increases the power of cells and modules while reducing the manufacturing cost per watt. After extensive evaluation, M6 is considered to be the optimal size of the new generation of silicon wafers.

On May 24, LONGi first announced the its price of M6 monocrystalline silicon wafers - at 3.47 yuan/piece. At a cost-per-watt comparison, M6 is equivalent to M2 and increases the output power by 8.8% vs M2. With M6, procurement cost of silicon wafers is reduced by 4% /watt.

LONGi’s existing crystal pulling and slicing are compatible with M6 which ensure the mass production and supply of M6 silicon wafers in 2019. The company' s scale of production is expected to reduce the price premium of M6 vs M2 silicon wafers to less than 0.2 yuan.

Next Generation Hi-MO 4 modules

With M6 mono crystalline wafers, Hi-MO 4 modules configured with 72 cells can achieve 430W. Compared with conventional polycrystalline power station systems, the BOS cost using Hi-MO 4 bifacial modules is 0.21 yuan/watt. Coupled with 10% more power generation and average annual degradation of less than 0.45%, the value advantages can reach 0.8 yuan /Watt more, significantly reducing the cost of electricity.

Experts in the photovoltaic industry have given unanimous affirmations and recognitions to the new products. Wang Bohua, secretary-general of China PV Industry Association, said: "PV enterprises should continue to innovate product technology to enhance the value of PV investment and promote the rapid decline of electricity costs. LONGi uses Hi-MO 4 to bring new breakthroughs to the development of the industry which is highly valuable for reference and promotion."

Wang Bohua

Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi, said, “in the face of change, technology R&D and innovation are our top priorities. By focusing on R&D and continuously improving core competencies, M6 monocrystalline silicon wafers and Hi-MO 4 series of modules will accelerate the process of grid parity. ”

Zhong Baoshen

LONGi M6 silicon wafers and Hi-MO 4 modules have been released globally. LONGi is committed to developing innovative technologies and products to meet the demands of the market, and contribute to the rapid development of grid parity and global clean energy.