LONGi supplies 98MW of its high-efficiency Hi-MO4 modules for Guangzhou Development Group’s large-scale Ground and Commercial and Industrial power stations

Global News

World leading solar technology company LONGi has announced that it has supplied 98 MW of its high-efficiency innovative Hi-MO4 modules to Guangzhou Development New Energy Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Development Group (hereinafter referred to as "GDG"), for its 50 MW Yangshan large-scale ground-mount and 48MW commercial and industrial power stations in Guangdong Province.

GDG is one of the largest power investment companies in the southern part of China, focused on solar photovoltaic and wind power generation, charging piles, energy storage, investment in other new energy projects, construction, operations and technical services. The 98 MW of modules supplied by LONGi for the Yangshan power stations will form part of the 1.06GW parity and bidding projects developed by GDG since September 2019. As of now, around 70MW of modules have been delivered.

The climate environment in Guangdong Province is one of high temperatures and humidity, with solar energy resources in the area at a high level. Compared with a conventional polycrystalline based power station, LONGi Hi-MO4 monocrystalline modules will save  about 0.2 yuan / watt in BOS costs which, when coupled with the dual advantages of power generation gain and average annual attenuation of less than 0.55%, reduce LCOE and increase ROI for the project owner. The application of the Hi-MO4 high-efficiency modules will also further increase local familiarity with high-efficiency solar products in the South China market and have considerable significance in reference terms.

Discussing the reasons behind the selection of Hi-MO4 modules for the project, a GDG spokesperson clarified: “In our previous cooperation, the power generation data and the revenue for the power station adopting LONGi's high-efficiency monocrystalline modules were both very impressive. Our projects have been operating steadily for many years and we have confidence that high-efficiency modules will now deliver superior power generation performance and value gains.”

In addition to the outstanding performance of the product itself, the professionalism and commitment of the LONGi team also contributed greatly to the success of the project. The Yangshan 50MW large-scale ground station is the largest project of its type since the two companies began working together. Due to the extreme gradients to be encountered in the mountainous area where the project is located and its narrow access road, there were a number of obstacles to be overcome to guarantee the safe handling of the modules. In order to achieve the smooth delivery of the modules, the LONGi team proactively allocated vehicle resources and implemented "reverse transportation", finally delivering safely to the project site.

The GDG spokesperson continued: "We have followed the previous M2 wafer based modules all the way to the current M6 wafer based version. Each of LONGi’s product upgrades, allied to the company’s professionalism and commitment, bring a new level to our cooperation. LONGi is an excellent and trustworthy partner."