Plant a Tree with LONGi

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“The best available technology for pulling carbon dioxide from the air is something called a tree. That’s why many nations are starting ambitious tree planting efforts.” Al Gore, New York Times, 20th Sept 2019

 Why we do this?

Propelling the Transition to Sustainability

Climate change is real, and it is a global crisis. Joining hands and hearts in fighting climate change, LONGi, as a leading solar technology company, actively assumes our social responsibility in a multi pronged approach to address the climate crisis. LONGi is committed to promoting the widespread application of clean energy worldwide.

We believe that through innovative solar technology and practical actions that every man, woman and child can participate, everyone can join us in spreading the message of the sustainability of our planet and create a green world for our future generations.

What we will do?

Plant A Tree with LONGI

 Today, 28th November 2019, LONGi pilots our first  “Plant A Tree with LONGI”, starting in India. Keeping things simple, practical and actionable, we will use our LinkedIn social media platform to execute the program. We have committed wit an agency in India to plant 3000 trees – 1000 in New Delhi and 2000 in rural India. Each tree will be planted by LONGi on behalf of our new followers in LinkedIn. Your name will be assigned and placed next to a tree and we will send you the exact location your tree by Google Map.


(1) Follow @LONGi Solar on LinkedIn, fill in your name and let us know how to contact you by email

(2) Period of Activity: Nov. 28 - Dec. 30th 2019, or 3000 names assigned to a tree, whichever comes first

(3) We will inform the first 3000 new LinkedIn followers by email of the confirmation of your registration. As we have commited with an agency in India for 3000 trees, we regret if we are unable to offer you a registration when all the trees are assigned to the first 3000 new LI followers.

(4) Watch @LONGi Solar LinkedIn account for program updates. All announcements about this activity will be through LinkedIn account @LONGi Solar.

(5) LONGi respects your privacy and will never disclose your personal identifying details. Your contacts will be used to inform you of program registration and the location of the tree attributed to you when planted.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility on Sustainability

 LONGi is sowing "green seeds" by building solar plant worldwide, and will continue to use innovative solar technology to change people's lifestyles and towards the re-greening of our planet. Let's join hands in propelling the sustainability transition, one tree at a time.

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