LONGi awarded "Top Performer" in PVEL’s 2020 PV Module Reliability Scorecard

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PVEL, in partnership with DNV GL, has released the sixth instalment of the PV Module Reliability Scorecard on May 27th, 2020. LONGi has been awarded "2020 Top Performer" status, marking the 4th consecutive year since 2017 that the company has achieved the stellar results.

The PV Module Reliability Scorecard provides the industry with vital knowledge about long-term reliability and performance data. The Product Qualification Program (PQP) tests included in the 2020 publication are: Thermal Cycling 600 cycles; Damp Heat 2000 hours; Dynamic Mechanical Load 1000 cycles+ Thermal Cycling 50 cycles + Humidity Freeze 30 cycles; PID 192 hours; and PAN Performance.

Top Performer status applies to model types with less than 2% degradation. LONGi achieved Top Performer status for both its monofacial and bifacial product models across its product line.

“Over the past several years, multiple LONGi BOMs have demonstrated strong performance in PVEL’s extended reliability and performance testing for the Product Qualification Program,” commented Tristan Erion-Lorico, Head of PV Module Business at PVEL. “We commend LONGi for once again achieving Top Performer designations in 2020.”

PVEL’s PQP program is guided by four principles:

(i) Empirical data that replaces performance assumptions with empirical metrics for revenue and energy yield model optimization;

(ii) No hand-picked samples: All BOMs of products submitted to PQP testing are witnessed in production and factory sealed by PVEL’s auditors

(iii) Updated regularly: Annual updates provide buyers with consistently relevant data as new technologies and manufacturing techniques are introduced.

(iv)Standardized processes: All BOMs are tested in the same way with consistently calibrated equipment and in consistent environments.

To date, PVEL has tested over 300 unique Bills of Materials (BOMs) from 50+ manufacturers, including 75% of BloombergNEF Tier 1 companies and 9 out of 10 of the top manufacturers worldwide.

“Since 2015, we have used our PQP test results to build worldwide recognition of LONGi’s high performing, reliable and innovative products. The PQP is now an important step in our go-to market process for new products and new BOM combinations.” added Dr. Hongbin Fang, Director of Product and Technology, LONGi Solar.

The “Top Performer” status in PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard is a strong validation of the long-term reliability and quality of LONGi’s PV modules and underlines the company’s leadership in R&D, robust product design and a quality-first approach to manufacturing.

“LONGi has always been guided by the basic principle of ‘Customer-first’. We believe that high performance and reliability are key requirements of our customers.” commented Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar. “LONGi will continue to provide quality products to the market that maximize investment returns for our customers worldwide.”