PV 3.0 Era, LONGi Solar appears at U.S SPI in 2017

Global News

Solar Power International is the professional solar power conference and exhibition with the largest scale and highest influence in U.S. As the most professional and influential old brand photovoltaic exhibition in European and American area, the site successfully attracted the attention of more than 20,000 professional audiences and over 620 exhibitors from 32 countries, including 84 Chinese exhibitors. Above 85% Chinese exhibitors approve the influence and effect of this exhibition. 

As the first stop of global PV 3.0 , LONGi Solar exhibited PERC 72-cells bifacial module, 60-cells PERC black module, 72-cells 1500V module and Hi-MO1 72 cells PERC module. The latest test report sent by National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Products Quality (CPVT) shows the highest conversion efficiency of monocrystalline PERC cell of LONGi Solar has reached 22.43%, which renewed the 22.17% new record of the company in April 2017 again five months later, and is kept forefront continuously. 

During the exhibition, Dr. Fang Hongbin, LONGi Solar’s Overseas Technical Director made a speech about “PV 3.0 Era, 360W+”. Dr. Fang pointed out the coming of PV 3.0 era means efficient modules of high quality and high energy yield have become the mainstream, 60 cells module generating more than 300W and 72 cells module reaching more than 360W will lead the trend of the industry and be widely popularized in the world. As the leading monocrystal module product manufacturer in the world, LONGi Solar is dedicated to prompting the development of era PV 3.0 and helping realize grid parity.

Media Contact: Vivian Chu chuww@longi-silicon.com