LONGi Listed in the First-Batch PRC National Customs Enterprise Directory Database for AEO Mutual Recognition and Visit

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Recently, the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) released the first enterprise directory of China’s AEOs for mutual recognition and visit, which included 80 enterprises. LONGi was shortlisted by virtue of its qualified operation and prominent performance in dealing with customs affairs.

Abbreviated as AEO, the Authorized Economic Operator is a globally-used certification system for international trade operators advocated by the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is the highest credit authentication accredited to foreign trade operators by the customs, marking the authorized enterprises have been equipped with the most reliable credit and the most standardized management recognized by the customs.

At present, including the EU, this certification system has been recognized by 48 countries and regions that have signed a mutual recognition agreement with China Customs. Henceforth, mutually recognized AEOs can enjoy equal treatment in host countries and regions as local highest credit-rated ones. For international trade enterprises, the AEO certification system is like a global “VIP card” for rapid customs clearance in relevant countries and regions. Those authorized enterprises can enjoy a series of favorable policies when facing customs clearance procedures, such as the lowest inspection rate, guarantee waiver, and prioritized customs clearance, so as to save operational costs.

The enterprise directory of China’s AEOs for mutual recognition and visit is an example set by the General Administration of Customs of the PRC with much more rigorous criteria. An enterprise to be shortlisted must meet the following requirements simultaneously: has been recognized as an AEO; has the conditions allowing on-site inspection and visits; is a national (or local) leading enterprise in a relevant industry chain or in line with the national (or local) key direction of encouragement and support; is equipped with representative qualifications in the relevant industry (or field). Eligible ones will be shortlisted once passing the review of the PRC General Administration of Customs.

As benchmarks in the AEO certification system, the shortlisted enterprises will enjoy multiple incentives, including obtaining the preferential chance to be recommended to join the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group, participate in customs reforms and other relevant reforms, and take part in evaluation for advanced and excellent enterprise awards of local governments. Meanwhile, they shall perform the duty to arrange on-site visits and inspections of AEO certification for visitors, facilitating signing of mutual recognition agreements between AEOs from visitor countries and China. Therefore, the AEO mutual recognition and visit system of China shows China Customs’ high recognition of the implementation of the AEO certification system and the import and export credit system. It highly appraised the shortlisted enterprises’ customs compliance capability and is a powerful carrier to enhance the enterprises’ images both domestically and internationally.

As a world-leading supplier of solar PV solutions, LONGi has been adhering to the core values of being “reliable, value-added, and delighted” as always and focused on construction of customs compliance capability. In the future, LONGi will make full use of China Customs’ AEO mutual recognition and visit policy to promote the Group’s globalization strategy by centering on the customer-oriented principle and improving the product delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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