LONGi, together with ASOFER and the Fundación Sostenibilidad 3Rs, bring sunlight to improve the quality of education for students in the Dominican Republic

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LONGi, the world leader in solar technology, through ASOFER (Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy) and Fundación Sostenibilidad 3Rs, made a donation of 5.5kWp of Hi-MO 5m modules to the Gloria María Calcaño Polytechnic, in order to improve and enhance the use of technology in the learning process of 326 students and 21 teachers, through the installation of a photovoltaic system in the school.

The school is located in the municipality of Sánchez, Samaná province, and presents some challenges due to constant power outages. The school, which has eight classrooms, six laboratories (three computer labs, two accounting labs and one science lab), an office area, a dining room and a multipurpose room, faces power outages that affect approximately 51% of the time of the student day, so its school activities and laboratory practices are frequently interrupted.

"The implementation of this project will help, to a great extent, to solve the problem of power supply in the center, since it will provide electrical autonomy to the science laboratory, using solar energy as raw material. In addition, it will serve to supply electricity to the center's energy storage systems when the conventional energy service is absent. It will also be a basis for progressive implementation throughout the campus," said José Antonio Aragonés, Director of the Gloria María Calcaño Polytechnic.

Rodrigo Sotelo, Sr. Sales Utility Manager, mentioned that "LONGi is an enthusiastic supporter of social causes and it´s especially committed to reducing energy poverty through the implementation of solar technology, promoting quality education and contributing to community growth. This donation fills us with pride and is one more step to consolidate the actions of the company's Latam Green Future program, whose mission is to actively cooperate with the social, economic and environmental improvement of the Latin American communities in which it operates, within its ESG management".

Marvin Fernández, President of ASOFER, indicated that one of the strategic axes of this new directive is to carry out actions that have a great social impact and produce a transformation in society. Energy is synonymous of development and the best way to promote the Dominican Republic is through education.

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