LONGi presents BC technology at World Engineering Day

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Bangkok, Thailand-March, 21,2024-Huo Yan, Global Marketing Head of LONGi’s Distributed Business Group, has delivered presentations to attendees at the recently concluded Southeast Asia Green Energy Cooperation and Exchange Forum and World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development in Bangkok.  At the latter forum, some 150 energy professionals from seven Southeast Asian countries witnessed the appearance of LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 product.  

In the face of Southeast Asia's unique high-temperature, humid and dust-accumulating environment, the relevance of the newly launched Hi-MO X6 series is clear, with its widely recognized resistance to both humidity and heat.

The anti-dust properties of modules in the series can effectively avoid the build-up of dust, reducing O&M costs, enhancing power generation efficiency and delivering higher ROI for users.

During the forum, Liu Hongpeng, Director of the Energy Division of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), gave a presentation on the energy transition for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific and Ms. Munlika of Thailand’s Department of Energy introduced the country’s energy transition and future development ambitions.

Facing the challenges of the global energy transition, LONGi's stable power supply and clean energy solutions will continue to play an important role in the Asia-Pacific region. Its HPBC cells continue to improve in terms of efficiency, and the diversified product portfolio of the Hi-MO X6 "family" will deliver power generation benefits to users. 

Huo elaborated on the relationship between green energy and sustainable development and shared LONGi's thinking and practice in the PV industry, commenting: “LONGi focuses on scientific and technological innovation to continually enhance the efficiency of PV power generation and lead the technological advancement of the industry at large. Maintaining its commitment to the concept of 'Solar for All', the company firmly believes that green energy and technological innovation can help achieve carbon neutrality in a more efficient way." 

With the event coinciding with International Women's Day, LONGi invited nearly 150 female engineers from Asian countries to witness the advanced technologies and products displayed onsite, with Huo explaining: “We have a responsibility to utilize our technology and resources to pave the way for a global green energy transition, nurturing female engineers to become a key element of the industry. World Engineering Day presents a perfect opportunity to promote inclusion, innovation and multi-party collaboration."

About LONGi

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