LONGi strengthens "Collaborating for Prosperity" between Arab Nations and China

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The 10th Arab-China Business Conference was successfully held at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center. The conference centered around the theme "Collaborating For Prosperity" and aimed to foster and enhance cooperation in the areas of economics, trade, and investment. The objective was to generate mutually beneficial solutions through strategic collaboration between Arab nations and China. His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presided over the conference.

The conference has attracted over 3,000 delegates from over 20 countries. From plenary sessions to private meetings and sectoral workshops, this event has provided a platform for visionary CEOs, C-suite executives, and other stakeholders to convene in Riyadh. This ambitious space offers a wide-ranging and inclusive opportunity for collaboration, enabling the participants to reach consensus on mutually beneficial business initiatives between Arab nations and China.

The two-day conference encompassed a wide range of topics, including China's Belt and Road Initiative, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, start-ups, e-sports, tourism, and food security. Notably, James Jin, the Regional President of LONGi, participated in the conference's discussion on renewable resources.

James highlighted that Arab nations possess geographical advantages, such as abundant sunshine and vast desert lands, which can be leveraged to generate solar energy. In the Middle East, where ecological concerns and limited water resources are prominent, solar photovoltaics offer solutions for electricity generation, energy efficiency, and the potential reduction of desalination costs. Addressing the issue of fresh water will have a cascading effect on agricultural development and food security, exemplifying the comprehensive impact of LONGi's "Solar for Solar" initiative announced in 2018.

Furthermore, as the global costs of photovoltaic power generation continue to decline, the industry is placing greater emphasis on convenient and scenario-based applications. BIPV and Solar + Hydrogen technologies have become tangible realities. Expanding the range of photovoltaic application scenarios not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels in Arab nations, promoting greenhouse gas emission reduction, but also facilitates the transition from fossil energy to clean energy in the coming decades.

When asked about China's role in promoting the development of the global clean energy market through its technology and manufacturing capabilities, James explained that addressing climate change and achieving "carbon neutrality" has become global consensuses. It is also an inevitable choice for China's energy structure adjustment, industrial reform, promotion of sustainable development, and the construction of an ecological civilization. Photovoltaics hold the potential to contribute to the restoration of the Earth's ecology, creating a greener planet for humanity. Chinese players in the photovoltaic industry always strive to lead technological advancements and bear responsibility for the sustainable development of the global economy, society, and environment. LONGi, specifically, focuses on technological innovation and operates in five areas: monocrystalline wafers, cells and modules, distributed generation solar solutions, power station solutions, and hydrogen energy systems. It has evolved into a provider of Green Electricity + Green Hydrogen products and solutions, actively supporting the global drive towards zero carbon emissions.

Lastly, James expressed that LONGi is fully committed to contributing its best technologies and products to renewable energy projects in Arab nations, demonstrating their readiness to participate and support such initiatives.

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