Advancing Energy Equity: LONGi Illuminates Global Commitments at 2023 Global Refugee Forum

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Geneva, Switzerland, December 13, 2023-On the 13th, the second Global Refugee Forum (GRF) commenced in Geneva, Switzerland, bringing together 168 government delegations, including five heads of state and 86 at the ministerial level and above. LONGi participated in this influential forum in the wake of forging a global partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, during this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP28. 

© UNHCR/Markel Redondo
© UNHCR/Markel Redondo

Two weeks ago, LONGi established a global partnership with UNHCR at COP28. At that event, Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, emphasized LONGi's commitment in bringing energy equity to the world and especially to vulnerable communities because of climate events, through the development of photovoltaics (PV) or solar technology. He also expressed LONGi's ambitious determination to accelerate such progress through all-out efforts.

During an interview at the GRF, Sophie Sun, head of LONGi's strategic marketing department, emphasized the critical role of addressing the climate crisis, highlighting that in 2022, 84 percent of refugees and asylum seekers fled from highly climate-vulnerable countries, increasing from 61 percent in 2010. Beyond providing essential resources such as affordable energy, LONGi also aims to promote refugee entrepreneurship in less developed regions. Leveraging its world-leading technology, LONGi is committed to realizing energy equity along with UNHCR.

Sophie Sun revealed details of the pilot project under this partnership, which involves establishing a PV power station at the Regional Humanitarian Logistics Hub at the Termez Cargo Centre in Uzbekistan. This hub plays a crucial role in the rapid delivery of core relief items to various countries. Looking ahead, commencing in 2024, LONGi and UNHCR plan to extend their impact by providing safe and reliable clean energy to refugees and public facilities in host communities in Pakistan and other developing countries. This comprehensive initiative will include extensive training on PV technology, empowering individuals with sustainable development skills.

These joint efforts underscore the principles of energy equity - delivering clean, affordable, and non-discriminatory energy services to individuals, and fostering global coordinated development and shared prosperity.

The rapid evolution of technology has thrust PV power generation into a pivotal role, expediting the worldwide shift towards inclusive clean energy. LONGi remains steadfast in its commitment to propel solar energy applications for the betterment of humanity. To realize this, LONGi places a consistent focus on developing cutting-edge PV products through sustained and intensive investments in research and development.

"We are profoundly committed to unveiling LONGi's pledge on the global stage at the Global Refugee Forum. LONGi remains dedicated to ongoing technological innovation, continually enhancing the economic viability and inclusivity of clean energy, and ensuring that solar becomes a global benefit," expressed Sophie Sun.

As we navigate this swift phase of the energy revolution, where renewable energy takes center stage, the paradigm of global resource allocation is poised to shift toward equal access to clean power. The widespread application of PV energy holds the potential to extend its benefits to even more vulnerable groups, opening limitless possibilities for sustainable development in our future of energy equity.

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