LONGi attends Impact X Climate Growth Summit in support of Global Sustainable Development

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【Haikou, China Dec. 2, 2022】LONGi Green Energy Technology, a global leading renewable energy company, attended the 2022 Impact X Climate Growth Summit in Haikou, Hainan Province. LONGi’s Vice President Li Wenxue and Branding General Manager and Head of Global Marketing Huo Yan gave keynote speeches at the event. 

The summit, organized by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Hainan Province, is themed “Accelerating Action for Net Zero - China’s Climate Growth Opportunity”. Many world-leading experts, researchers, business leaders, and industrial and financial professionals gathered to discuss how to boost green and low-carbon transition. LONGi joined the event as the only company in the PV sector.

LONGi’s Vice President Li Wenxue said technological innovation has made solar power the most economical energy source for most countries and regions across the world. “Solar power is more balanced-distributed globally with almost unlimited access. We shall spare no efforts in offering clean, efficient, affordable, and reliable PV power to more people. This is very key for global energy equity during the energy transition.”

On November 19, 2022, LONGi announced that the company has achieved a new breakthrough efficiency of its silicon solar cells. According to the latest certification report of Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln (ISFH), the company has set a new world record efficiency at 26.81% for its HJT silicon solar cells on full-size silicon wafers through mass production.

Li added that solar power plays an important role as the world strives to achieve the carbon neutrality goal. “In the future new-type power system, PV power will account for almost 50% of all renewable energy sources. ”

Huo Yan, LONGi ’s General Manager of Branding and Head of Global Marketing, said in his keynote speech, “it is certain that, in the next 30 to 40 years, PV power will be an important solution for world energy transition and solving climate change challenges.”

“The PV industry has officially entered the ‘Terawatt Era’”, said Huo, “a very significant landmark for global de-carbonization and for the entire PV industry.”

Huo said over the years, LONGi has contributed greatly to the substantial reduction of PV power costs, which makes the PV sector more competitive for large-scale applications. “LONGi has been leading the technological breakthroughs in RCZ technology, diamond wire wafer-slicing technology, PERC cell technology, and bifacial technology.”

Huo added that “green electricity plus green hydrogen” will be a powerful solution to accelerate carbon neutrality. 

“China’s PV industry is leading the global market as China’s PV product manufacturing capacity, total installed capacity and new installed capacity have all ranked top in the world. China has developed the world’s most complete PV industrial chain,” said Li Wenxue.

Li said LONGi’s Hainan Subsidiary, which opened in Oct. 2022, will be responsible for the group’s logistics, procurement, global warehousing, and shipping management.

Li said Hainan will become a key hub for LONGi to export highly efficient, reliable, and safe PV products to the world. “LONGi is committed to supporting Hainan Free Trade Port to develop into a clean energy island in the future.”

At the summit, LONGi also showcased the company’s 2nd White Paper on Climate Action, which highlights LONGi’s great achievement in the control of greenhouse gas emission (Scope I, II and III) in its global operation and the construction of ESG management system. 

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