LONGi consolidates ranking in latest pv magazine testing

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LONGi's Hi-MO series products have once again been ranked as first class in energy yield performance testing carried out by pv magazine. The company has now achieved this ranking each year since 2018, underlining the continued excellence and reliability of its expanding product portfolio.

The pv magazine test evaluates the energy yield performance of various modules, including conventional mono and polycrystalline, monofacial and bifacial PERC and n-type bifacial, through outdoor monitoring and is one of the few third-party empirical module comparison platforms. The testing platform was upgraded in 2021 and, since the end of that year, monthly energy yield data for modules has been released, with three of LONGi's PERC products participating in tests.

According to energy yield data from December 2021 to January 2023, the LONGi PERC bifacial module had the highest energy yield among all modules (including TOPCon). The yield of the top-ranked LONGi module was 0.74% higher than that of the third-ranked TOPCon module, with the average energy yield of the three LONGi PERC bifacial modules 2.6% higher than that of the fifth-ranked company's equivalents.

The LONGi LR6-72HBD 375M module has been in operation for more than 3 years since first participating in the pv magazine test in 2019 and, during this period, has consistently been ranked as a leader in yield performance.

The long-term stability of performance of the Hi-MO series is evidence of the design and life cycle quality of LONGi products - and their ability to achieve value added status with global customers.

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