LONGi attends China Council of the "Sustainable Market Initiative"

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【Xi’an, China October 13, 2022】LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) attended the inaugural meeting of the "Sustainable Market Initiative", becoming its founding member of Sustainable Market Initiative" China Council. Diverse companies from China and abroad engaged in exchanges and discussions on sustainable development issues such as carbon finance, and green and low-carbon transformation, gathering the wisdom and strength to jointly promote the "green recovery" of the world economy.

The "Sustainable Markets Initiative" was proposed and led by the British Crown Prince Charles at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, aiming to unite global forces to jointly address climate change, protect biodiversity and achieve sustainable development.

With the support of the World Economic Forum, Prince Charles established the Global Council of the Sustainable Markets Initiative in June 2019, while the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is responsible for organizing Chinese companies to participate in the preparation of the China Council for the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

The establishment of the "Sustainable Market Initiative" China Council will create an international high-end platform for Chinese enterprises represented by LONGi to take part in the coordination and cooperation in the field of global sustainable development, and encourage the Chinese business community to have a "Chinese Voice" in the reform of global economic and environmental governance while advancing a “China Plan”.

In June 2022, LONGi launched “Sustainability Week,” the first of its kind in the industry, to promote the green and low-carbon development philosophy. During this Sustainability Week, LONGi virtually released its 2021 Sustainability Report worldwide, highlighting the company’s achievements in responding to climate change, pursuing environmental friendliness, and contributing to a zero-carbon future.

At present, the business philosophy of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been regarded as a new path for humans to achieve global sustainable development. This concept conforms to the social development trend and is quickly becoming an important factor for determining whether an enterprise has sufficient social responsibility and capacity for sustainable development. LONGi is ready to work with global partners to help the world achieve sustainable development through technological innovation and more pragmatic means.

About LONGi

Founded in 2000, LONGi is committed to being the world’s leading solar technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation.

Under its mission of 'making the best of solar energy to build a green world', LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers cells and modulescommercial & industrial distributed solar solutionsgreen energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The company has honed its capabilities to provide green energy and has more recently, also embraced green hydrogen products and solutions to support global zero carbon development. www.longi.com