LONGi welcomes the Solar Butterfly to Mexico City

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Mexico City,27th November 2023 –The Solar Butterfly is a solar-powered vehicle that serves as an example of sustainable tourism.

A world leader in solar technology, welcomes the first self-sufficient solar-powered mobile home, the Solar Butterfly, to the Mexican capital.

On this occasion, the company held an exclusive breakfast at the Hacienda de Los Morales event center in Mexico City to celebrate the arrival of the Solar Butterfly in Central America, where Utility customers had the opportunity to learn about the initiative, the motor home, technological innovations and ESG commitment.

During the celebration, Rodrigo Sotelo, Sr. Sales Manager Mexico & Caribbean, stated that "for LONGi this partnership seamlessly integrates technological innovation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and promotes global awareness around climate change and environmental conservation, to empower the world under a simple premise "observe global, act local".

Rodrigo Sotelo, Sr. Sales Manager Mexico & Caribbean
Rodrigo Sotelo, Sr. Sales Manager Mexico & Caribbean

Pablo Muñoz then emphasized that the company will not only continue to invest heavily in R&D and technological innovation, but also plans to continue supporting initiatives that seek to promote global sustainable development.

Pablo Muñoz, Product & Solution Manager México
Pablo Muñoz, Product & Solution Manager México

Finally, Oliver Meier of the Solar Butterfly Road team commented, "Climate change is a problem that concerns us all. We must decide whether we want to be part of the solution or part of the problem. There are plenty of solutions in the world to stop global warming, we just need to be a little more creative. We at Solar Butterfly look for, support, and encourage sustainable leaders during this journey. This is just the beginning; we have a lot of work to do".

World's longest sustainable route

In 2022, the Solar Butterfly team embarked on a world tour starting from Switzerland and will finally arrive in Belen in December 2025, on the tenth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Climate Change Agreement, COP 30.

4 years, 200,000 kilometers, 6 continents, more than 90 countries, this is the journey that the motor home will make with the objective of identifying, recording and publicizing 1,000 pioneering solutions committed to mitigating climate change that will serve as an inspiration for millions of people. In addition, the team will participate in discussions and events related to the implementation of renewable energies in everyday life, raising awareness and encouraging the participation of communities in global sustainable development.

LONGi's innovative technology behind the butterfly wings

The trailer's design allows the body to expand sideways, transforming it into a "butterfly" with its wings unfolded. The vehicle boosts power generation using highly efficient LONGi solar cells installed on an 80m² surface, integrating a 100% solar-powered trailer system with a configurable living area.

LONGi recognizes the importance of integrating sustainable goals into its business value chain and is committed to continue working with strategic partners on the path to global energy equity, transforming solar energy into an affordable and accessible resource for all.

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