LONGi showcases Hi-MO 7 at 'Solar Quarter Business Meet 2023'

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, July 27 - LONGi has showcased its next-generation module product, Hi-MO 7, during the 'Solar Quarter Business Meet 2023', held in the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. 

Dr. Li Mengyuan, Vice President of Product Management Center from LONGi, led a technical team to participate in the technical conference, Solar Quarter Business Meet 2023. Experts from ACWA Power, EDF, L&T etc., also attended the conference and joined the panel discussion.

During the event, LONGi received the award for ‘Best Solar Technology of the Year’ from Solar Quarter Middle East for its outstanding achievements in technology and innovation.

The conference saw discussions revolving around emerging trends in large-scale solar projects in Saudi Arabia, how the renewable energy program and layout would be impacted, and how grid interconnection and large energy storage systems should be programmed to support the smooth implementation of super-large power plants. 

When looking at how LONGi modules could be combined with the latest tracking and inverter systems to lower LCOE and BOS costs at the Middle East's large-scale plants, Dr. Li explained that Hi-MO 7 is based on HPDC cell technology, which is essentially another innovative example of "first principle thinking."

HPDC (High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell) is another enhanced iteration of HPC cell technology, where the backside of the cell features high and low junctions, optimized film design and advanced deposition techniques to achieve full-area passivation with minimal parasitic absorption. On the front side, a local low-resistance contact layer is applied to enhance cell efficiency. 

In summary, the upgraded HPDC cell provides better conversion efficiency, power temperature coefficient and higher reliability, which can significantly improve power generation gains.

Dr. Li added that, when presented with specific requirements for various application scenarios, especially those which can help with the robust output of the module itself, the solar systems and even entire solar PV power stations throughout the life cycle, LONGi provides customized solutions, focusing on long-term value to both clients and the solar market. She emphasized that Hi-MO 7 has been evaluated, developed and tested over an extended period and provides world-leading product quality and long-term reliability, having already significantly reduced the LCOE of large-scale solar projects in the Gobi desert by improving energy generation output throughout the whole life cycle. 

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