LONGi Launches “STAR Innovative Ecological Collaboration Platform” at SNEC 2023

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On May 24, at the 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition (SNEC), the most influential photovoltaic event in the world, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held a launch conference for its “STAR Innovative Ecological Cooperation Platform” in Shanghai under the theme "Technology Innovation-From Possible to Feasible."

This conference served as a platform to showcase LONGi’s numerous achievements in scientific and technological innovation in recent years, while also establishing its pioneering role in the industry and its commitment to collaborative innovation. LONGi STAR Innovative Ecological Collaboration Platform has now been officially launched, making it available to the world.

This move not only elevates LONGi 's unwavering commitment to technological innovation to a new height but also underscores LONGi's global leadership as a responsible enterprise. It aims to fully open the ecosystem, unite all innovative forces, and constantly promote high-quality innovation and sustainable development of the entire industry.

Speaking at the conference, Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, said the company hopes to build a global zero-carbon technology innovation center and a global collaborative innovation ecosystem by building this platform in order to continuously promote the improvement of the global photovoltaic technology and the high-quality development of the industry, and power the energy transition around the world.

With this objective in mind, LONGi established the "STAR Innovative Ecological Collaboration Platform."

In the future, the platform will aim to foster open sharing, innovation and win-win cooperation, with the goal of promoting innovation trends, gathering global ideas, integrating solutions, connecting high-quality resources, and promoting technological innovation in the global photovoltaic industry to build a world-leading green energy ecosystem. 

In order to help the platform better achieve the above goals, LONGi has initially established a "421" guarantee system. It indicates "four" sets of mechanisms, namely, innovative planning system, technological breakthrough project, simulation design system and entrepreneurial incubation mechanism; "two" major collaboration platforms, namely, industrial chain collaborative innovation platform and LONGi academic circle, and "one" set of guarantee system: innovation fund, project incentive and expert system, etc.

In terms of setting up academic circles, currently LONGi has formed a solid internal and external collaborative research and development for innovation centering on green energy such as photovoltaics and hydrogen energy, in cooperation with world-renowned universities such as the University of New South Wales in Australia, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and external R&D teams and gradually launched the research and development of key core technologies.

The collaborative innovation of the industrial chain led by LONGi has a long history. Previously, LONGi has successfully incubated several leading innovative technologies in the industry through collaborative innovation with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. This includes achieving breakthroughs with LAPLACE in the mass production of PERC cell technology and next-generation high-efficiency cell storage, working with DR Laser to apply laser micro-etching technology to the industrialization of HPBC, and cooperating with Shenzhen GOLDSTONE on graphite boats and thermal field insulation products. They have all contributed to cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, and overall advancement within the industry. Additionally, the cost of photovoltaic electricity has also been successfully reduced.

It is expected that LONGi will launch a global technology challenge in the future, aiming to discover outstanding innovative talents in cutting-edge technologies and related fields around the world, build a digital version of the platform, and devote itself to serving the resource docking and interaction of green energy innovation on a global scale. Partners provide precise technical services to continuously empower new industry incubation and technological upgrading.

LONGi is not only a beneficiary of innovation, but also a firm supporter of innovation.

Longi's innovation is driven by two core forces: a steadfast focus on enhancing solar cell conversion efficiency and a commitment to promoting cost reduction and efficiency improvement across the entire photovoltaic industry through the industrialization of advanced technologies.

In the past, LONGi enshrined these two iron laws as the fundamental principles guiding their innovation. Today, LONGi once again takes the lead by embracing an open ecosystem, and seeking leverage and pivotal points for innovation within the global photovoltaic industry for the next decade and beyond. Assuming the role of a leading force, LONGi embraces the added responsibilities, duties, and missions, while embarking on a monumental journey towards "carbon neutrality." This sets the stage for another significant wave of progress and transformation.

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