LONGi maintains AAA bankability status for 17th consecutive quarter in PV ModuleTech Rating

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LONGi received an AAA rating in PV-Tech's PV ModuleTech bankability report for the first quarter of 2024, marking the 17th consecutive quarter that the company has achieved this top rating. The consistent AAA status continues to reflect the company's strong financial health and stability. Furthermore, this shows the manufacturer of solar wafers, cells and modules is ready for the future of the global photovoltaic market. 

LONGi's ability to maintain the AAA status for 17 quarters is based on the company’s constant drive for innovation. The company continually invests significantly in R&D and collaborates with industry-leading partners to push the boundaries of product and service delivery. This approach not only differentiates the company in terms of performance today, but also lays a solid foundation for sustained growth and future advancement. 

About the PV ModuleTech bankability ratings 

The analysis conducted in each edition of the PV-Tech bankability report comprehensively evaluates manufacturers in a number of key areas. These cover manufacturing and financial perspectives, including value chain positioning, production capacity, global module shipment profiles, capital expenditure (capex), R&D spending, cash flow, debt management, valuation, profitability and revenue metrics.

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