LONGi launches “Hi-MO X6 Max” back contact series with rectangular M11 TaiRay Inside wafer in Europe setting new industry benchmark

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During Intersolar 2024, LONGi officially launched the new Hi-MO X6 Max series for Europe. The new series incorporates the core characteristics of LONGi's Hi-MO X6 with its proprietary HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) technology and is now additionally equipped with LONGi’s new M11 wafer with TaiRay Inside technology. The TaiRay Inside technology provides significant improvements in module efficiency, degradation parameters and mechanical performance. The Max version will be available for the Hi-MO X6 product series including the Explorer, the Scientist, the Guardian and the Artist. The new series entered mass production in Q2 2024 with a complete transition for all mainstream products expected by Q3 2024. The production capacity is expected to exceed 30GW. Production will be carried out at LONGi's manufacturing base in Jiaxing which was recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a ‘Global Lighthouse’ factory making it the world's first solar module manufacturing base to become part of the WEF's Global Lighthouse Network (GLN).

Hi-MO X6 Max series: HPBC + TaiRay Inside bring significant technical upgrades and benefits 

The release of the Hi-MO X6 Max marks the first time that TaiRay Inside technology and HPBC cell technology have been combined to achieve another technical breakthrough. This includes significant improvements in module efficiency, first-year and PID degradation, temperature coefficient, mechanical strength and cost performance. 

Technological enhancements 

With TaiRay Inside-stacked HPBC high-efficiency cell technology, the first-year degradation is reduced to 1% and the temperature coefficient is optimized to -0.28%/°C which improves the power output performance of the module. Module efficiency is increased to 23.3% while the overall PID degradation of the module is optimized, too. This is due to the improved Recharge Czochralski (RCz) process used in the production of monocrystalline silicon ingots. As a result, LONGi TaiRay Inside silicon wafers can achieve a more uniform axial resistance distribution without having to shorten the ingot length. For the same ingot length, the resistance ratio between the ends is halved, resulting in more efficient cells.  

Mechanical enhancements 

Conventional wafers are susceptible to lattice dislocations, defects within its crystal structure, under pressure. This may result in hidden cracks. The TaiRay Inside wafers have improved mechanical properties. Their tested bending strength is 16% higher than that of conventional wafers, ensuring a higher break resistance. Combined with the single-line soldering structure and a 48% reduction in cell edge stress, the probability of hidden cracks is reduced by up to 80%+ for improved reliability performance. In addition, modules with TaiRay Inside technology wafers have reduced DC transmission loss compared to 210R wafer module products to improve power generation. 

Cost and risk reduction 

The new M11 wafer size reduces industrial chain costs, engineering costs, and module transportation costs due to improved container utilization during transportation, and balance of system (BOS) costs. Downstream risks are also reduced. For example, the 72-cell version of the Hi-MO X6 Max can reduce transportation costs by $0.61/kW compared to the previous Hi-MO X6 module and improve 40HC container utilization by 4.4% to achieve 98.5% container utilization. Due to the power increase, the balance of system (BOS) cost on the system installation side is also reduced by 3.57% (approximately $4.16/kW) compared to the equivalent mainstream power classes. 

Customer revenue is also increased compared to the use of 210R wafer-based modules. The Hi-MO X6 Max with lower current M11 wafers can effectively reduce the power transmission cable loss by 9% and increase the power generation revenue by 0.1%. 

Sean McSorley, Senior Sales Manager UK & Ireland: "The Max represents a significant upgrade to the existing back contact technology route and is yet another example of how LONGi embodies LONGi's customer-centric approach to delivering maximum customer value." 

Overview of the Hi-MO X6 Max Series 

Hi-MO X6 Max Explorer 

The upgraded Hi-MO X6 Max Explorer has a module efficiency of 22.8%. The 54-cell version delivers a maximum power output of 465 watts, while the 72-cell module achieves a maximum power output of 615 watts. 

Hi-MO X6 Max Scientist 

With an HPBC cell efficiency of more than 25.8%, the 72-cell module achieves a module efficiency of 23.3% and a maximum power output of 630 watts. The 54-cell module delivers a maximum of 475 watts. 

Hi-MO X6 Max Guardian Anti-Dust 

The Guardian Anti-Dust features a revolutionary anti-dust short-end-frame design addressing the frequent concern of dirt accumulation. The module also has excellent low-light performance and high efficiency and offers benefits such as reduced maintenance requirements and less risk of panel damage. Maximum power output is 630 watts with a module efficiency of 23.3%. 

Hi-MO X6 Max Guardian Anti-Humidity & Heat 

With over 40% of the world's regions classified as Damp Heat (DH), the challenges for PV modules in these areas are significant. LONGi's response is the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti Humidity & Heat, a dual glass module designed to overcome these challenges, offering unparalleled reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions. The module will be available in 72 cells with a maximum power output of 625 watts and a module efficiency of 23.1%. 

Launch of M11 TaiRay Inside wafer is LONGi's response to industry-wide consensus on module size standards 

The launch represents LONGi’s first large-scale transition to rectangular silicon wafers resulting in a wafer size of 182.2×191.6mm and a diagonal of 262.5mm. A 72-cell module has a size of 2382×1134mm and a 54-cell module has a size of 1800x1134.  

This is a significant milestone for the Company following the industry-wide consensus on module size standards reached by nine manufacturers and the subsequent agreement on wafer size standards reached by six manufacturers in July and August 2023, respectively. 

In August 2023, LONGi together with five other PV manufacturers agreed on new standard dimensions for rectangular silicon wafers and reached a consensus to use a standardized rectangular silicon wafer size of 191.Xmm for 72-cell modules. 

The Hi-MO X6 Max series will have a total production capacity of more than 30GW in 2024.  

Hi-MO X6 series products have been shipped more than 12GW worldwide, covering more than 100 countries, and continue to meet the needs of distributed and end customers around the world. 


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