LONGi Group has been devoted to building a sustainable supply chain ecosystem based on win-win cooperation and mutual trust all along. It wishes to engage more outstanding suppliers in the strategic cooperation. Through collaborative innovation, two-way protection and other methods, it will create more values for customers and thus lead the industry to healthier development.
Strategic Cooperation
As a leading enterprise in global new energy sector, LONGi Group welcomes highly compliant, suppliers with cutting-edge technologies to join in its technical collaboration and strategic cooperation. By building friendly, win-win, innovative strategic cooperation with suppliers, LONGi and its suppliers will construct a benefit-sharing mechanism to enable rational allocation of industrial profits and protection of suppliers’ profits and interests, create a community of shared interests and maintain a healthy industrial environment.
Collaborative Innovation
With strategic cooperation being the base for the entire supply chain, collaborative innovation is the decisive factor for its competitiveness. LONGi Group looks forward to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with suppliers who are eager and willing to engage in innovation. As they share resources, combine advantages, develop technologies, LONGi and its suppliers will intensify their technical leadership and build a long-term good strategic partnership, and lead sustainable development of the industry.
Two-way Protection
The technical outcomes of collaborative innovation will be an important driver for a company’s future development. While encouraging collaborative innovation, LONGi has attached great importance to the protection of innovation outcomes. A long-term stable cooperative relationship with suppliers will join efforts from both sides to lower coststhrough technical innovations, expand application scenarios, and provide reliable and sustainable green energy to all mankind.
Win-win Cooperation
Win-win cooperation is the foundation for progress of both LONGi and its suppliers. With expertise advantages, quality products, superb technical services, LONGi and its suppliers will join hands to grow together and accomplish together, building and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for solar industry.