India 3.2MW Rooftop Project in Haryana

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Rooftop, C&I
    Project Location
    Haryana, India
  • Project Capacity
    3.2 MW
    Application Scenarios
  • Product Type
    Yamuna Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Project Highlights

In March 2024, a leading manufacturer and supplier of plywood decided to take a step towards sustainability. They teamed up with Yamuna Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. to install a massive 3.2 MW solar plant with LONGi Hi-MO 5 modules.

The switch to solar energy isn't just an environmentally conscious decision; it's a financially astute one. By embracing solar power, our client is projected to save a remarkable Rs 3.24 crore annually.

Since its inception, the solar plant has consistently exceeded expectations, generating over 5 units of electricity per day. Over the span of a year, this translates to an impressive 4,270,500 kWh.