Improving Governance Capabilities
Dedicated to prudent operation, LONGi has been working with its customers and partners in a long run to keep improving its governance capabilities, standardizing internal control system and risk management mechanism, and complying with business ethnics for honest and efficient operation. It strives to maintain sustainable development even after the solar sector enters the era of subsidy-free grid parity. LONGi has always been a believer of reliable, prudent, long-term sustainability, valuing the company life rather than a short-time growth in the product life cycle. Its steady and sound governance mechanism ensures the company's long-term prosperity. The company keeps improving its governance system and skills while abiding by laws and regulations. By establishing a science-based, effective decision-making system, a balanced supervision system, and a stable, lasting incentives system, the company will enjoy healthy, stable, sustained growth, and better governance practices.
  • A leading strategic-thinking
    A leading strategic-thinking and decisive board of directors in the industry.
  • Strong Supervisor
    A team of external directors working as a strong supervisor and a think tank.
  • Continuous, Prudent Management
    A continuous, prudent management with standard internal control system and risk management mechanism.
  • Sustained Leading Financial Health
    A sustained leading financial health in the industry, with a constant asset-liability ratio at 50%.
Honest, Trust-worthy, Clean-hand, Self-disciplined
LONGi complies with business ethnics to be an honest, trust-worthy, clean-hand, self-disciplined company that observes the LONGi Code of Conduct. Abiding by relevant applicable laws, the company establishes appeal procedures to ensure equality among employees when it comes to observing the clean-hand principle to prevent bribery, corruption, insider trading, and avoid conflicts of interests between the company and individuals. The company respects basic human rights of all employees, working as a protector of employees’ health and safety, of the environment, and of confidential information and intellectual property. It assures that its financial practices, international transaction, and competition are compliant with laws.
All employees of LONGi are also observing business ethnics to ensure the company's integrity and efficiency. It will bring higher and lasting value to clean energy that benefits clients, partners, and us in intertwined challenges and changes.