Look! The “Inspectors” are coming!


When the international Children’s Day approaching, A group of “Special” guests had visited the head office of LONGi. Over 40 families had a site tour in the smart energy exhibition hall of LONGi, the Module and BIPV workshops respectively in Xi’an. Various activities between children and parents were carried out at the same time.

On the site, relatives of the employees were attracted by the intelligence based experiences and fascinating colors in this exhibition hall. Zhao Wenrui, a pupil said, “ This hall is a collection of solar industry history and this remind us to protect the earth with real actions” after his tour. When they finish this tour, the company had popularized the solar knowledge among them. Then, they had engaged in solar toys assembling activities. Ultraman, superman and other animation figures and interactive forms favored by the children were used to popularize the solar knowledge and for implementations the low carbon insights in practices. 

LONGi Smart Energy Exhibition Hall covers an area of 3,000M2, including the visiting area, VIP reception, and multifunctional release rooms etc. The exhibition areas include five sections covering the preface hall, energy revolution remains to be completed in the 21st century, LONGi: insight into the new era, PV industry: drive the smart planet and tail hall. LONGi Smart Energy Exhibition Hall had been unveiled on May 27 officially. And the exhibition hall will popularize the green energy knowledge to visitors of different walks of life to contribute to the goal of negative earth.