As the coronavirus outbreak hit us earlier in 2020, LONGi responded with numersous control measures in all aspects, and attached great importance to pandemic control works. We lost no time in deploying pandemic control works upon the outbreak, setting up a special task force in the Group and emergency teams in all Business Units and subsidiaries, with team leaders appointed. We made a Pandemic Control Manual to direct all business units and subsidiaries to carry out the control measures, arranged checking points at the entrance of all factories, office buildings, and workshops to check the body temperature, to inspect and disinfect vehicles, and conducted frequent disinfection in key links such as the canteen and dorms. There was not a single suspected or confirmed case in the company during the reporting period. 

While carrying out its pandemic control activities, LONGi assumed its social responsibilities and became one of the first solar enterprises who answered the call on contributions. It lost no time in offering donations to the Red Cross Society of China, and sent a special fund to Shaanxi medical workers who went to help the epicenter Wuhan. As Covid-19 spreads across China, LONGi announced additional donations, including 215,000 surgical masks, 212,000 regular masks, 7,000 medical coveralls, and 17,320 N95 masks to Yunnan, Wuhan, and Anhui, and pandemic control money to Taizhou and Wuxi of Jiangsu province, Quzhou and Jiaxing of Zhejiang province. Its subsidiaries also contributed materials and money as powerful supports to the pandemic control in different regions. The material and monetary contributions LONGi offered during the pandemic added up to 15.65 million yuan.

1,472 people

All Shaanxi medical workers who went to aid Wuhan received funds from LONGi.

15.65 million yuan

The value of material and monetary contributions LONGi offered during the pandemic 

0.5 million yuan

The value of medical devices LONGi donated to Sarawak, Malaysia for medical care during the pandemic