LONGi Mono-Si R&D team wins Special Award for outstanding contribution to the realization of PV grid parity

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LONGi Mono-Si R&D (research and development) team has won the Special Award for outstanding contribution to the realization of PV grid parity during the 29thInternational Conference on Photovoltaic Science and Engineering and the 18th China Photovoltaic Conference, on November 4, 2019 in historic city of Xi’an, where the headquarters of LONGi is located.

The Special Award, generally awarded to the expert or group that has made significant progress in PV technology or is actively engaged in public policy. On behalf of the Mono-Si R&D team, founder and president of LONGi, Li Zhenguo, received the Special Award from the PVSEC29 at the conference. The award acquired by LONGi Mono-Si R&D team, is a positive affirmation and encouragement to LONGi from the PV industry.

Consisting of R&D center and subsidiary technology departments, LONGi Mono-Si R&D team has formed first-class technology accumulations and projects reserved in the field of monocrystalline silicon material through years of research and development. The team has promoted the application of monocrystalline silicon material in PV industry and made it the mainstream through technology innovation.

LONGi Mono-Si R&D team has taken the leading role in the research and application of core technologies such as RCZ, diamond wire slicing, large thermal field, high pulling speed, low oxygen process and thin wafer slicing. In 2015, LONGi completed the switching of diamond wire slicing equipment, which reduced the cost of silicon wafer by 10%~15% and the cost of module by 5%-8%. The application of diamond wire slicing has saved the PV industry an annual cost of RMB 20 billion, triggering the slicing technology reformation across the PV industry.

Technology innovation is the cornerstone of LONGi. In 2018, LONGi invested $ 186 million in R&D, accounting for 5.60% of the revenue and setting a new record in the field of PV industry. Now LONGi has accumulated 568 patents, becoming the world’s largest PV manufacturing company in R&D investment. From standard monocrystalline, PERC monocrystalline, bifacial, to the newly unveiled Hi-MO4 modules with the new M6 (166mm) wafer, every new product of LONGi spearheads the transformation of the PV industry.

LONGi's innovation is not limited to technology, but also aims to integrate innovations and create an open innovation platform. LONGi has stepped a new way to connect with the world’s industrial partners, colleges, research institutes, PV start-ups, as well as customers and colleagues. In this ecosystem, all elements come together in active collaboration and interaction that enables us to design innovative solutions to drive the solar-led energy transformation.

Over 1,500 attendees from all over the world including authoritative industry experts form IEA, representative of enterprises and energy sectors attended the conference and witnessed the glory moment of LONGi. LONGi will continue to enlarge the R&D investment, reduce the cost of LCOE and promote the development of global clean energy industry.