LONGi brings Hi-MO 4 high-power bifacial mono PERC module to India market at REI

Global News

September 18, 2019, New Delhi, India. LONGi presented its new Hi-MO 4 high-power bifacial module at the 13th Renewable Energy India Expo (REI) bringing the high performance module to the Indian market.

In his introduction at the exhibition, Dr. Rahul Kapil, Operation VP and Director, LONGi Solar India, said, “Hi-MO 4 uses the new M6 166mm size silicon wafer. Employing upgraded PERC technology, cell efficiency can reach 22.5% and front-side power up to 440W. Hi-MO 4 is available in monofacial and bifacial, variants. In bifacial, the module can achieve 8%-20% in rearside power gain in different surface environments.”

As the world’s second most populous country, India's economy has grown rapidly in recent years, and with it, a sharp increase in energy demand. The Indian government has committed itself to the use of reliable clean energy to address power shortages and environmental issues.

India is one of the important markets for the global photovoltaic industry. Large-scale photovoltaic power plant projects are developing rapidly. Solar products with both high-efficiency and good value are important for Indian customers. Hi-MO 4 bifacial PERC modules are the most ideal choice for us”, said local customer at the exhibition.

The Indian market has a pivotal role in LONGi's global strategy. In the past year, LONGi has supplied several hundred megawatts monocrystalline modules for photovoltaic power plants in India,” said Dr. Rahul Kapil. “LONGi is committed to a strategy of “Think Global, Act Local” where global bankability and production scale is matched with local Indian expertise, products and customer service.”

LONGi will continue to supply India and South Asia with high-efficiency products with advanced technologies as the region ushers in a new era of green energy.