LONGi Release Hi-MO X in Australia with Efficiency Up to 20%

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On August 12, Hi-MO X, the new module of LONGi, which represents the “future technology”, was launched in Melbourne, targeting the Australian market. The “super-advanced” Hi-MO X has been paid much attention since its first appearance in the Australian market.

Efficiency 20%, Module Power 350W

The Hi-MO X ingeniously made by the overlap technology is an efficient PERC module with front efficiency of 20% and module power of 350W.

Compared with other PV modules, it eliminates the power loss caused by reduced hot spot risk and cell distance. The special series-parallel circuit design makes its power generation significantly better than that of series-designed regular modules under the large-scale shading condition.

In addition, due to the lower operating current of the cell strings and the special circuit design, the power consumed by the shaded cells will be significantly lower than that of regular modules as the hot spot occurs, effectively reducing the hot spot temperature and improving the safety performance. These technological breakthroughs make safer power generation from Hi-MO X, especially suitable for roofs.

Three-year efforts creating high-end leading technology

After decades of exploration, the overlap technology has been applied in many high-end fields such as aerospace and solar vehicles, highlighting its reliability. So far, LONGi has obtained 50 licensed overlap patents with over 72 pending overlap patents. Based on technical achievements and three-years efforts, Hi-MO X launched by LONGi is not only a useful exploration for ultimate PV technology,but also a breakthrough for the existing technology. And its high-precision and high-yield manufacturing line provides a powerful guarantee for its best quality.

Hi-MO X have been successfully applied to China "Technology Leaders" projects, representing the world's leading technology of production modules. Meanwhile, the series of products has also successfully installed landmark roofs in Hong Kong and mainland.

In the past, LONGi has invested a lot of research and development resources in the cells and modules, and constantly guided the industry technology progress and product standards. The Hi-MO X is also the fruit of years of technical research. In addition, it has repeatedly broken the world records in power and efficiency of the cells and modules, leading the PERC trend of the whole industry. Meanwhile, the bifacial products are leading the world in performance and shipment.

Ultimate appearance, handsome profit

As a high-end star product with high precision, Hi-MO X is gorgeous and elegant. The seamless stack-up of the mono cell allows its moving lines clearer and smoother, bringing you the ultimate appearance experience. Hi-MO X is more like an “artwork”, which makes the project itself to be a beautiful landscape.

In addition to its ultimate appearance, the high-quality Hi-MO X generates handsome profits for investors and power station owners.

At the press conference, Mr. Sandy Pulford, product expert of CEC (Clean Energy Council), said that Hi-MO X is one of the first modules meeting the higher standards made by CEC,effectively promoting the more efficient development of Australian PV market by introducing it into Australia.

In addition, at this conference, LONGi has reached a cooperation on the Hi-MO X distribution with Australia's three well-known PV distributors. The cooperation will include providing comprehensive support and technical services for LONGi as well as vigorously promoting its latest technological achievements in the Australian market.