The Shocking Release of Hi-MO 4 in Australia Open the Global "Relay" Mode

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On May 15th, 2019, LONGi unveiled its new epoch-making product-- Hi-MO 4 from the Hi-MO series at Inter Solar in Munich. Only 12 hours later, it released the new product again at the 2019 Large Scale Solar Forum in Brisbane, introducing it to the Australian market.

Due to the current restrictions on transmission infrastructure and the policy environment in Australia, “reducing EPC costs” has become a major problem for its energy transformation. Hi-MO 4 has greatly improved power generation and reliability, and created higher power generation revenue for EPC. Meanwhile,based on environmental considerations, solar energy as the safest and most reliable clean energy will make an important contribution to the reduction in carbon emissions.

Taking a 100MW solar power plant as an example, the difference between using the 340W module and the Hi-MO 4 is that the Hi-MO 4 is installed with fewer modules, significantly saving construction time and costs.

LONGi continued to invest in R&D and achieved leading achievement in global. A year ago, it introduced Hi-MO 3 with high power, high power generation and high reliability to the world by combining monocrystalline P-type bifacial PERC technology and half cell technology, bringing new breakthroughs for the development of the industry.

One year later, under the great efforts and technology innovation of the R&D team, the new Hi-MO 4 came out, which greatly improved the module power and reduced the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), providing a strong support for realizing the grid parity.

Hi-MO4 inherits the advantages of Hi-MO series, and combines with the current advanced monocrystalline PERC cell technology and packaging technology of bifacial half-cell modules, providing a more reliable product with higher power for the industry.

Relying on the superior sunlight resources, Australia becomes one of the important markets for the development of the global PV industry. With the rapid rise of large-scale ground power stations, it needs more efficient products to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and balance of system (BOS) to meet market demand. Hi-MO 4 bifacial PERC module is the ideal choice for higher efficiency and maximum return

As the world's leading monocrystalline modules manufacturer, LONGi will meet the various demands of the Australian PV market with innovative products and technologies, and contribute to the rapid development of global clean energy.