Australian Household PV Capacity to Exceed 10GW under LONGi Help

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Australia has good sunlight resources. In 2018, its new PV installation has reached 3.7GW, which is expected to increase 5.2GW in 2019 with a total installation of 15.8GW. The Australian government has developed a power generation energy structure plan in 2040 when solar energy will account for 40% to replace the current coal.

Australia is the highest penetration country of roof solar in the world. In June this year, small-scale roof PV installations added 156MW (systems with installed capacity <100KW). Up to now, the accumulated new installation has approached 1GW this year, and the total installed capacity has reached 9.04GW, which is expected to exceed 10GW by the end of the year.

According to statistics, more than 2.16 million households and businesses in Australia have installed small-scale roof PV systems, among which the installations in Queensland still rank first, up to 2.6 GW, and they are 2.08 GW and 1.77 GW in New South Wales and Victoria, respectively. (The above data source: Energytrend)

LONGi efficient monocrystalline modules are applied in many places in Australia. Recently, several residential roof projects in New South Wales have achieved grid connection with efficient modules supplied by LONGi:

Since entering the Australian PV market in 2016, LONGi has achieved rapid growth and remarkable fruits in Australia with efficient and reliable products:

●In October 2016, it began to enter into the new energy market in Australia.

●In the first quarter of 2018, the delivery of roof PV in Australia reached 10MW per month.

●In June 2018, it signed the order for the first large-scale ground power station in Australia

●In October 2018, it signed the contract for the large-scale ground power station, exceeding 300MW

●In February 2019, it ranked TOP 3 among the enterprises exporting modules to Australia.

At this stage, it has established good cooperative relations with large-scale power station investors and EPC in Australia, and owned a well-established distribution network in the local area. After over two years of accumulation, its high-quality monocrystalline modules are distributed in many places such as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

In the future, it will continue to strengthen the development achievements in the Australian PV market, and actively help the states in Australia to promote the affordable and sustainable clean energy, so that solar technology can benefits more Australian people.