"Dialogue" with Professor Martin Green, LONGi Shine Brilliantly at SEC

Global News

On April 2-3, the SMART ENERGY CONFERENCE & Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “SEC”) was held in Sydney,Australia. As the world's leading monocrystalline modules manufacturer, LONGi attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, Professor Martin Green, the Father of Solar Energy” attended the dialogue salon held by the LONGi boothreceiving high attention from the on-site exhibitors.

At the SEC in 2019, it once again interpreted the concept of “reliable value creation” with a series of efficient monocrystalline products. Among them, PERC bifacial half-cell modules and half-cell black modules were especially favored by the Australian PV market, attracting many local Australian investors and customers to the LONGi booth to discuss the development and cooperation of efficient monocrystalline modules in the Australian market.

On April 3, at the main forum of SEC, Wang Mengsong, product director of LONGi Solar, and Professor Martin Green of the University of New South Wales (hereinafter referred to as “UNSW”) delivered speeches on the topic of “Technology and Innovation”. Both sides expressed the confidence and determination of driving the PV development through technology.

After the speech, Professor Martin Green came to the LONGi booth and attended the “LONGi and UNSW” dialogue salon jointly organized by LONGi and UNSW with Mr. Li Wenxun, President of LONGi Solar. Dr. Ouyang Zi from UNSW presided over the dialogue and invited the guests to share their views on the development trend of PV technology.

Professor Martin Green said in the dialogue, "the industrialization efficiency of PERC has considerable room for improvement in the future. With other new technologies, it is hoped that 40% efficiency will be achieved based on maintaining the basic structure of the current PERC cell. As the world's top PV university, UNSW is committed to improving the technical research of power generation performance and long-term reliability of modules, which is consistent with the technological innovation concept of LONGi. The two parties will keep the deep cooperative relationship constantly striving to promote the development of the PV industry in the global economy.”

LONGi and UNSW have become attached to each other since 2015. They have continued to deepen their cooperation and achieved remarkable results. Their high integration between industry and academics has expanded the technical reserves of LONGi in the PV industry, promoting its better service to Australian market.

Since entering the Australian PV market in 2016, LONGi has achieved rapid growth and remarkable fruits in Australia with efficient and reliable products,established good cooperative relations with large-scale power station investors and EPC in Australia, and owned a well-established distribution network in the local areas. After over two years of accumulation, its high-quality monocrystalline modules are distributed in many places such as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Mr. Li Wenxue, President of LONGi Solar, said in his communication with customers at the booth, “the original purpose of LONGi to the Australian market is to bring more valuable solar technology products and the clean energy with lower LCOE to the Australian market and terminal customers. As the world's leading PV modules manufacturer, it will continue to consolidate the development of the PV market in Australia, and actively support the promotion and application of affordable and sustainable clean energy in Australia, so that solar technology can benefit more Australian people.