BC (Back Contact) Products Highlights the Application Value in All-scenario Market within the global PV industry

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Xi'an (China) 24th June — In the context of rapid global advancements in photovoltaic technology, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LONGi ”) has become a star in SNEC PV+ 2024 and Intersolar Europe 2024 held in this month, due to its innovative BC (Back Contact) cell technology and a series of high-performance products.

BC Product Family appearing, covering all-scenario applications

In September 2023, LONGi officially announced its decision to adopt the BC cell technology route. In the following months, the company made significant strides in various new technology fields, launching a series of major products such as the TaiRay silicon wafer, HPBC 2.0, Hi-MO 9, and Hi-MO X6 Max. These launches demonstrated LONGi’s profound expertise in silicon wafer and cell technology and its firm commitment to the BC technology path, quickly capturing widespread market attention.

Amid the accelerating evolution of photovoltaic cell technology, several technological routes such as HJT, TOPCon, and BC have emerged in the market. However, the decision of LONGi to prioritize BC technology for its future development is not a coincidence. On June 17, at the 2023 Annual General Meeting, Li Zhenguo, Founder and President of LONGi stated, “Currently, cell segment is only the one in the photovoltaic industry who has significant potential for major advancements. The theoretical efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells is 29%, and the efficiency of LONGi’s second-generation HPBC cells has already surpassed 26.5%, reaching 91% of the theoretical efficiency.”

LONGi has developed a series of products including Hi-MO 9 and Hi-MO X6 based on BC technology. These products are not only suitable for large-scale projects such as ground-mounted power plants but also for a wide range of applications in all-scenarios of distributed PV. Whether for large commercial and industrial rooftops, agricultural greenhouses, or residential rooftops, BC technology products like the Hi-MO 9 both offer efficient, reliable, and economical solutions. This capability for all-scenario applications enhances the broader applicability and competitiveness of BC technology in the photovoltaic market.

Technology enhances quality upgrade and ensures multi-level reliability

LONGi has obtained a total of 2,879 authorized patents of various types because of never stop to keeping innovation. In the past five years, LONGi has invested more than RMB 23.5 billion in R&D totally, and it will invest RMB 7.721 billion in R&D in 2023, accounting for 5.96% of annual revenue.

The Hi-MO 9 module based on the BC technology adopts TaiRay silicon wafer that LONGi self-developed, making mechanical strength 16% higher than the original wafers. Leveraging the distinctive I-shaped ribbon design of BC technology-based cells, the module substantially boosts its micro crack resistance. This innovative approach cuts cell pressure by 50%, thereby significantly enhancing the module's overall anti-cracking capabilities.

In addition, the conversion efficiency of BC cells has been improved more than 0.1% on average. The comprehensive application of these technologies enables Hi-MO 9 modules to maintain stability in long-term power generation during 30 years, effectively reducing the operation and maintenance costs and risks of power plants.

LONGi has devoted a lot of resources to the R&D of technology, such as human, material and financial, and more than 1000 people are involved in developing and testing BC technology. LONGi has applied for 120 invention patents, and these technical achievements have provided strong support for LONGi to maintain its leading position in the field of BC technology.

LONGi Jiaxing Production Base is at the forefront of the industry in the application of automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitization, big data analysis, and the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G), which means that LONGi possesses the highest level of smart manufacturing and digitization in the global PV industry. The dual safeguard of the Lighthouse Factory and the “LONGi Life-cycle Quality Standard” fundamentally guarantees the superb quality and ultimate reliability of BC products.

With the Highest efficiency in high-purity silicon, BC products family sparks in the PV market

Recently, Hi-MO 9 module which is based on second-generation BC technology has come to the fore in global PV industry because of its high power generation of up to 660W and conversion efficiency of 24.43%.

This excellent performance gives Hi-MO 9 modules a significant advantage in markets where land resources are scarce and electricity prices are higher. Under the same area, Hi-MO 9 modules can increase the power by up to 30W compared to mainstream products of the same size, and the overall capacity of the power plant can be increased by 5%, bringing better power generation benefits to the power plant owner.

According to Dennis She, Vice President of LONG, Hi-MO 9 module has received strong market support since its launch. Company has the orders in hand closing to 1GW, and the customer order reserve has exceeded 5GW. This market feedback not only proves the great potential and value of technology, but also lays a solid foundation for the future development of company.

In the next three years, LONGi anticipates its annual mono-crystalline silicon wafer production capacity to reach 200 GW, with TaiRay silicon wafers accounting for over 80% of this capacity;the annual production capacity of BC cells will reach 100 GW, and the annual production capacity of mono-crystalline modules will reach 150 GW. Dennis She stated that the company’s originally plan was to supply around 10GW of Hi-MO 9 products globally in 2025, but now it is necessary to expand the production capacity to meet the fast-growing market demand based on the positive signals market released. 

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