Pioneer in Photovoltaic Science and Technology
As a pioneer in the photovoltaic science and technology, LONGi continues investing in research and development for better and sustained values for our customers. With each technological upgrade, LONGi leads technical innovation in the solar sector and hastens a further push toward global energy reform and green development.
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    From our focus on monocrystalline silicon materials to the introduction of diamond wire processes in wafer slicing, from the development of PERC technology to bifacial and half-cut cells, LONGi Hi-MO has made continuous breakthroughs and progress in impro
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    Energy, Architecture, Telecommunication, Transportation
    These silicon materials and solar breakthroughs have triggered a ripple effect in other sectors, including energy, architecture, telecommunication, and transportation, helping China and many global regions to reform their energy markets and encourage more
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    Green Supply Chain
    The company’s green supply chain covers the entire solar life cycle, maximizing the social value and positive environmental impact of our products.
LONGi understands that good products are inseparable from the support and trust of our employees, partners, governments, and communities. Adhering to our core corporate value that emphasizes respect, opportunities, and incentives, LONGi guarantees employees' rights and interests, and endeavors to build and improve its talent management system and training mechanism. The company cares for the mental and physical health of our employees, motivates their ambitions and team cohesion, and strives to create a fair, open, harmonious, and comprehensive working environment.
Total number of LONGi employees
Number of LONGi employees holding agricultural household registers
Total number of LONGi's global suppliers
2,828 Million
Sum of welfare LONGi granted to employees in 2020
Number of domestic and overseas production operations
Investment on occupational health and safety work
PV Poverty Alleviation
While cultivating its own business, LONGi enthusiastically advocates for societal causes, as it donates to charities, responds to the Covid-19 pandemic, reduces poverty with solar technology, promotes quality education, and contributes to community growth. LONGi continues to pursue a leadership approach to alleviate energy poverty with photovoltaic technology. Number of poverty-registered households that LONGi helped through investing and building poverty-alleviation solar power plants.
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    Number of poverty-registered households that LONGi helped through investing and building poverty-alleviation solar power plants.
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    1,043 Million
    Sum of earnings that LONGi distributed to households registered as living in poverty.
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    3 Regions & 3 Prefectures
    Ethnic minority places including Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture where LONGi donated solar power systems for their schools.