Huanglong 100MW PV Combined Power Station Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Large-scale mountain terraced PV power station
    Project Capacity
    3,670,550 MWh
  • Annual Average Power Generation
    146,822 MWh
    Floor Area
    3,750 Mu
  • Product Type
    Bifacial half-cut module + fixing bracket
Technical Highlights
1. Half-cut modules are adopted, featuring super high efficiency, innovative technology, and beautiful appearance. 2. The support is deeply matched with the module, and the dip angle of optimal energy yield is adopted. The shielding of the support to the back of the module is reduced, and the power generation gain on the back is increased. 3. The string inverter is adopted, which is deeply matched with the terrain conditions and the performance of bifacial modules and reduces the investment cost under the condition of meeting the power generation efficiency.

Project Highlights

1. This project is the first batch of PV parity projects approved by the National Energy Administration in July 2020. It was commenced in April 2021 and planned to be connected to the grid at full capacity on August 14, with a short construction period. 2. This project is an agriculture-solar complementary project, so the lowest point of the module is 2.5 m from the ground, and the distance between piles in the east-west direction should not be less than 4.5 m, creating favorable conditions for agricultural machinery planting in the later period. 3. This project has scattered plots, and the access roads have complicated conditions. Therefore, prior to commencement, access roads and on-site maintenance roads shall be preferentially planned. The access roads shall be combined with permanent and temporary roads, and the requirements of equipment transportation and later O&M shall be considered for the maintenance roads. Meanwhile, the route shall be verified in each plot to ensure the project implementation and avoid delay of construction period due to access road problems in the later period.