LONGi Kazakhstan 50MW Utility Power Plant Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    General flat ground-mounted PV power station
    Project Location
    Kazakhstan | Balkhash
  • Project Capacity
    Product Type
    Hi-MO 5 LR5-72HBD
Technical Highlights
The selection of Hi-MO X6 panels for the project was driven by their superior efficiency, ensuring maximum energy output despite the limited available space. This choice underscores a commitment to sustainability and creating an eco-friendly future in the Philippines. Netsolar, our strategic partner, praised Hi-MO X6’s outstanding performance and remarkable cost-effectiveness across its 25-year lifespan, making LONGi the logical choice in helping Shell turn this vision into reality.

Project Highlights

Thanks to Longi's innovative panels, the area of the power station has been reduced, saving land, but the generation has increased due to the high efficiency of Longi's modules. As a reliable partner of Qazaq Green Renewable Energy Association, Longi provides its best technology and products to the project implementation in Kazakhstan. Balkhash Solar Power Station:

-This is the work of an industrial enterprise controlled by Kazakhmys

-It is clean electricity in the national unified power grid

-170,000 tonnes reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per year

-This is the clean air that we, our children and our planet breathe