LONGi India 1.75MW Textile Commercial Project

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Cases image
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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Industrial and Commercial DG
    Project Location
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Project Capacity
    Product Type
    Hi-MO 5
  • Application Scenarios

Project Highlights

The project was commissioned in two phases: 1 MW in May 2023 and 750kW in February 2024.  The electricity bill in India has kept increasing.  Plus, the electricity consumption in industrial and commercial sector in India occupies the majority share.  In terms of the structure of electricity consumption, India's electricity consumption side is dominated by industrial and residential consumption.  India's industry-related electricity consumption accounts for the highest share according to CEA, in FY22.

The plant has demonstrated a remarkable production rate of more than six units per day.  The client anticipates net savings from the plant of ₹1.9 crore annually.  This achievement also reflects the dedication and skill of the engineering and design team of Viridis Engineering.