LONGi Philippines Shell Mobility Station 755kW Rooftop Project

Cases image
Cases image

Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Commercial Rooftop
    Project Location
    Philippines | Manila
  • Project Capacity
    Product Type
    Hi-MO X6 Explorer
Technical Highlights
The selection of Hi-MO X6 panels for the project was driven by their superior efficiency, ensuring maximum energy output despite the limited available space. This choice underscores a commitment to sustainability and creating an eco-friendly future in the Philippines. Netsolar, our strategic partner, praised Hi-MO X6’s outstanding performance and remarkable cost-effectiveness across its 25-year lifespan, making LONGi the logical choice in helping Shell turn this vision into reality.

Project Highlights

In the Philippines, coal-fired power plants contribute a substantial 60% of the nation's electricity. This significant collaboration brings LONGi's Hi-MO X6 high-efficiency solar panels directly to Shell's 27 gas stations. 

For gas stations, safety is the top priority. LONGi has adopted Hi-MO X6 to meet the requirements of safety and reliability. Shell's mobility stations, increasingly well-known as customer-centric hubs, cater to various customer needs, both fuel and non-fuel related. Integral to this endeavor is LONGi's unwavering commitment to a customer-first approach, bringing additional value to Shell's client through innovative, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.