Li Zhenguo, Founder and President of LONGi, Attended the U8 World Innovation Summit


The “New Decade, New Challenge, New Alliance” themed U8 World Innovation Summit was held in July 2021. Li Zhenguo, Founder and President of LONGi Group, was invited to this summit as the only clean energy business leader. During this summit, he answered questions about technical innovations, opportunities, and challenges at LONGi and the renewable energy industries as a whole. The U8 World Innovation Summit was focused on a global vision of innovation and sustainable development and planning. This summit facilitated in-depth cross-border connections and knowledge communities to embrace the challenges the world faces as we enter the clean energy transition.

More than 40 global top scientists and leaders for technical innovations were invited to the summit, including Erik Solheim, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, and five Nobel Laureates; Steven Chu, former United States Secretary of Energy and 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics; Joachim Frank, Professor of Molecular Biophysics, Columbia University,2017 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry; and Yoshua Bengio, Professor of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréaland Scientific director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms,and winner of the 2018 Turing Award. The summit was jointly created by students from such world-class universities as Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, California Institute of Technology, Tsinghua and Peking University.