Anti-bribery compliance management system

As the largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic product in the world, LONGi always devotes itself to abiding by high standards of ethics and integrity in global business conduct; sticks to observe applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations, and forbids any forms of corruption and bribery. Regardless of the country where we do business, we always adhere to the code of conduct of integrity and transparency in the transactions with all business partners and governments to ensure compliance operation. 

Continuous improvement of anti-bribery management system

LONGi establishes and improves the anti-bribery management system and ensures that the system can effectively prevent, supervise and respond to the bribery. The core elements of anti-bribery management system include but are not limited to considerable attention of senior management, sound anti-bribery compliance organization, sufficient resources investment, systematic risk assessment, comprehensive compliance policy system, effective process management and control, all-round training and communication as well as continuous supervision and improvement. 

Supervision Department of LONGi Auditing & Supervision Center is composed of business personnel experienced in anti-bribery compliance management, which cooperate with the Risk Manager experienced in first line business to jointly establish and continuously improve the effectiveness of anti-bribery compliance system. Effective and efficient coordination of risk assessment, due diligence, business review, training and communication, continuous supervision and improvement, and internal audit will safeguard the business and create and protect the value for LONGi. 

LONGi carries out assessment on internal and external contexts every year, and conducts systematic risk assessment on related entities and business in accordance with annual risk assessment plan, and investigates the business scenarios for effective management control. LONGi implements effective inspection on the operating effectiveness of anti-bribery management system on a regular basis, and continuously supervises and controls the anti-bribery compliance risk in the operation activities. 

LONGi devotes itself to continuously improving the anti-bribery management system construction and building compliance brand, always focuses on the compliance communication with interested parties, and develops a cooperative and win-win business relationship with business partners to jointly establish fair, transparent and clean business context and maintain the healthy and sustainable development of business. 

Anti-bribery compliance and corporate social responsibility

LONGi proactively participates in international and national anti-bribery and anti-corruption summit meetings, joins China Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance and Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance, pays return visits to Supplier on a regular basis, conveys the concept of honest cooperation and shares anti-bribery management experiences. 

Complaints reporting channels

LONGi maintains zero tolerance for corrupt conduct, encourages all its customers, business partners, employees and shareholders to supervise and report the business conduct of the company and employees, and promises to keep the reporter and reporting information strictly confidential. If the reporting information can help the company to avoid or retrieve greater loss, LONGi will give reward accordingly. 

LONGi Honest | Complaint & Reporting Acceptance Center: 

1. WeChat Mini Program: LONGi Honest

2. Report Phone: 029-84193391/18089282003

3. Report Email:

For any violation of relevant laws and regulations or Employee Handbook, Accountability Management Measures and so on, LONGi reverses the right to give punishment or transfer to judicial authorities. 

China Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance

Since LONGi joined China Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance in December 2017, it has implemented anti-fraud conduct and system through innovation and cooperation to jointly establish a clean business context. 

Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance

Since LONGi joined Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance in May 2019, it has undertaken integrity management as its mission and jointly promotes the integrity management concept of honesty and self-discipline as well as justice and compliance with the laws. 

Anti-bribery management system certification

Under the audit of external third party certification body Intertek Testing Services Ltd. Shanghai (Intertek), LONGi passed the anti-bribery management system ISO 37001: 2016 Certification and obtained relevant certificates, and became the photovoltaic enterprise in China firstly recognized by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and granted ISO 37001 Certificate. 

Certificate inquiry channel: 

LONGi Anti-bribery Certificate

LONGi Anti-bribery


External third party certification

Passed the system ISO 37001

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LONGi Anti-bribery


External third party certification

Passed the system ISO 37001

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