Believing that effective competition is a powerful driver for the progress of the industry and products, LONGi, an important manufacturer and supplier in the photovoltaic industry, is committed to creating and maintaining a fair and competitive market environment. 

In order to ensure the antitrust compliance under different business scenarios, LONGi has formulated and updated the Measures for Antitrust Compliance Management and manual, and clarified its antitrust compliance requirement and antitrust compliance precautions under different business scenarios to all employees, including prohibiting any act in violation of the antitrust law or unfair competition law of the place where the business is located, as well as the concentration reporting obligation of the operator that should be paid attention to in equity / asset transactions. At the same time, LONGi has produced an online course on antitrust compliance publicity and implementation for all its employees to learn, and require all personnel in key positions to pass the antitrust compliance test to ensure the effectiveness of publicity and implementation.