Committed to being the most compelling solar technology company by leading the world's transition to green energy, LONGi continues to increase R&D investment, continuously enhances innovation ability and keeps pace with scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property protection. In addition, it has established a perfect organizational structure, standardized system and systematic control process in intellectual property management. 

LONGi has established an Intellectual Property Management Committee as the top decision-making body for its intellectual property management, and the Intellectual Property Department as a working body to comprehensively manage all kinds of intellectual property affairs. In addition, a special intellectual property affairs docking team is set up for each industrial field or functional organization to support the smooth development of intellectual property management, forming a professional intellectual property team that can not only vertically penetrate the whole industry chain in the photovoltaic field, but also horizontally take into account all fields. 

LONGi has successively promulgated a series of intellectual property systems, infiltrating the intellectual property compliance management into business activities such as R&D, production, marketing and supply chain, fully protecting and respecting the intellectual property rights, and ensuring that its business activities are legal and compliant. In addition, the intellectual property work is supervised through inspection and audit to ensure the effective implementation of policies, systems and processes. For example, intellectual property compliance control points in key business processes of IPD are set up and continuously optimized. 

Moreover, an intellectual property risk monitoring system is established and an intellectual property risk information discovery, communication and troubleshooting mechanism is established to monitor intellectual property risks, issue intellectual property warning, and formulate domestic and foreign intellectual property protection and risk prevention and control plans in combination with local laws, regulations, policies and intellectual property protection environment, such as intellectual property application protection, customs intellectual property filing and other measures, to protect customers' rights and interests and maintain market order.