LONGi regards compliance as the business base, and trade compliance is one of the important modules on the compliance map of the company. LONGi strictly abides by the applicable laws and regulations of the place of business.

To ensure the implementation of trade compliance policy and plan, LONGi converts the requirements of external laws and regulations into internal management system and process and implements trade compliance management and supervision over critical business process. 

Strict adherence to the requirements of trade compliance is also one of the basic principles for LONGi Code of Business Conduct and CSR Code of Conduct of LONGi's Supplier. LONGi publicizes and implements the Code of Conduct and trade compliance management to all the employees and Suppliers to improve all the employees' awareness of trade compliance and define the trade compliance requirements for Suppliers. LONGi ensures the continuous effectiveness of trade compliance management by continuously optimizing the trade compliance management system.