LONGi Ranking in Goldman Sachs "New Nifty Fifty" List

Local News

A few days ago, Goldman Sachs Group, as the world's largest investment bank selected 50 stocks according to China's economy in the new stage, called as "New Nifty Fifty", therein, LONGi became a sole enterprise ranking in such list in the new energy industry. 

Such list of "New Nifty Fifty" was given by Goldman Sachs among 18 sub-industries, including 25 A stocks and 25 HK stocks and US stocks. The daily liquidity of these stocks reached up to USD 470 million. From 2017 to 2019, the compound growth rate of earnings per share (EPS) was 23% and in 2018, the price earnings ratio (P/E) will reach up to 19 times, with PEG of 0.9. Goldman Sachs pointed out that such list was given by taking the company's historical and expected growth rate, technical content/IP, business model, cash returns and other factors into consideration, which will be related to profit growth, profitability and returns in the future. To sum up, "New Nifty Fifty" is characterized by higher growth, higher profit and lower financial leverage. 

According to "New and Old China" index tendency, Goldman Sachs indicated that "New Nifty Fifty" index is significantly superior to other indexes. 

As the world's largest manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon products, LONGi Group was favored by capital market in value, for becoming the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise. 

In fact, the stock price trend and potential value of LONGi Group can reflect the demand expansion of photovoltaic monocrystal products, with distributed photovoltaic outbreak, market expansion of top runner program and stimulation of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project development in the industry. Under the fierce competition of photovoltaic industry, on the one hand, LONGi is benefited from relatively good market demand, to constantly speed up pace of production capacity expansion, on the other hand, LONGi takes technology as the core competitiveness, to continuously improve the technical level of monocrystalline silicon pieces and battery components, thus making the technology of monocrystal products keep in the leading position of industry. Hence, LONGi became a sole enterprise ranking in Goldman Sachs "New Nifty Fifty" list in the new energy industry. 

The industry experts believe that "New Nifty Fifty" is a carrier of most effectively casting the economic transition in China, having the high valuation.