LONGi promises to achieve 100% use of renewable energy in our global operations by 2028.

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To all LONGi Partners and LONGi Colleagues:I am very pleased to announce that today, we have officially joined the RE100 Initiative led by The Climate Group. LONGi promises to achieve 100% use of renewable electricity in our global operations by 2028.For LONGi, this is not only a substantial step forward in our exploration of/on green manufacturing, but also we are very excited to find many more like-minded fellow companies on our journey to promote energy transformation. There's an old saying in China that we shall "walk with the wise, and work with the kind." which tells us that we should walk alongside the people with wisdom and kindness on the way forward. Today, we have already seen a series of issues brought by global climate warming, including rising sea levels, the vanishing of species, and more extreme weather, which severely impact the very survival of humankind. There is no doubt that the most effective way to resolve climate issues is to reduce carbon emission by using clean energy in large-scale. For our precious planet on which we live, this is an act of utmost kindness and wisdom. The initiators and participants of the RE100 Initiative are undoubtedly wise and kind.The RE100 Initiative is committed to promoting 100% use of green power in the world's most influential multinational companies. This goal and mission are also highly in line with LONGi's corporate mission and vision. As an essential player in the clean energy industry, over the past 20 years, LONGi has been committed to reducing the cost of photovoltaic power generation through technological innovation. In this way, we contribute to expanding the scale of the application of clean energy. We are delighted that with the joint efforts of LONGi and all other photovoltaic practitioners, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has dropped by more than 90% within the past 10 years. PV power has become the most economical source of electricity in many regions in the world. Based on this, we believe clean electricity will be used at a grander scale globally.Long before joining the RE100 Initiative, LONGi has already started its practices on green manufacturing. Since 2015, LONGi has proactively planned large-scale production capacity in Yunnan Province in China and Kuching City in Malaysia, hoping to utilize the abundant and clean hydropower resources in both regions to manufacture photovoltaic products. In 2018, our factory in Baoshan, Yunnan Province, has achieved a 100% clean energy supply. In addition, we have established a new standard that LONGi's all manufacturing facilities equipped with our own PV power generation systems. On the one hand, we use our factory roof to generate clean electricity, and on the other hand, we also optimize the energy structure in regions our projects locate. Estimates show that each kilowatt-hour of clean hydropower can power the production of the photovoltaic products, which will altogether generate over 30 kilowatt-hours of clean solar power throughout their life-cycle. This is how green manufacturing amplifies clean energy. We hope that with this approach, our customers and even our whole world will be integrated more deeply with this clean, renewable energy system.Without a doubt, LONGi has kept enriching and improving the concept of "using clean energy to produce clean energy." In 2018, at the 24th United Nations Climate Conference, we officially initiated the manufacturing concept of "Solar for Solar - a Negative Carbon Emission Earth." We hope to use PV-generated power to manufacture photovoltaic products in more regions around the world in the future and achieve a completely clean and zero-carbon manufacturing process. A more ambitious goal is that, with large-scale use of PV-generated power, we can provide absolute-zero-carbon electricity for irrigation in the desert area, to achieve desert greening. When 70% of the global desert area becomes oases, all carbon emission throughout human history can be absorbed, and negative-carbon development can eventually get achieved. We believe this will be a considerable contribution from the PV sector to the development of humanity. As I said before, the reason why LONGi joins the RE100 Initiative is that we share the same intentions and dreams as The Climate Group and all RE100 member companies - that is to build a beautiful world completely powered by clean energy, and ultimately solve the global climate warming problems. LONGi also hopes to provide a reference for more enterprises through our exploration. In the future, we will not only strictly abide by our commitments and achieve the 100% clean energy goal, but also promote the broader application of clean energy for the whole society. On the one hand, we will continue to improve LONGi's green supply chain system and provide the necessary support to our supplier partners to help them establish a sound green production model. On the other hand, we will also enhance cooperation and exchanges with governments and relevant agencies, and jointly strengthen the understanding of clean energy in all sectors of society. At the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference last year, we jointly launched the China's Solar PV Outlook 2050 report, together with the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission of China and Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group., Ltd. We predict that by 2050, PV-generated solar power will become China's largest source of electricity, accounting for about 40% of the electricity consumption of the whole society. This joint research shows that both governments and traditional energy companies have realized the importance of large-scale use of clean energy. LONGi will continue to deepen such understanding for all parties of society.Lastly, I would like to pay my utmost respect to The Climate Group and all the great companies that have joined the RE100 Initiative. I am honored that LONGi can walk with you all on the path forward to promote the transformation of energy structure and resolve climate change issues. I hope that with our joint efforts, we can bring this world a greener future!

Li ZhenguoPresident & Founder of LONGi GroupMarch 12, 2020