LONGi supplies 50MW of modules for installation at Shaanxi Energy Group’s “Wind-Solar complementary” project, promoting the development of renewable energy in Northwest China

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LONGi has supplied 50 MW of its high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules to the 150MW “Wind-Solar complementary” project, a combination of 100 MW wind and 50MW solar plant in Xiaohaotu Town, Yulin City (Shaanxi Province). With investment by the Shaanxi Energy Group, the project is jointly constructed by the China Energy Engineering Group’s Northwest Electric Power Test Research Institute and Hunan Power Construction.

The project is Shaanxi Energy Group’s first self-built power station to integrate wind power and ground centralized photovoltaic power. According to company estimates, the average annual power generation of the project can reach 68.27 million kWh, which can save about 22,000 tons of standard coal each year.

The project also incorporated the construction of a 2 MW experimental power station, to test various brands and types of solar modules. When comparing power generation data from the station, the performance of LONGi’s mono-crystalline modules was found to be superior to that of other modules involved.

Since the 50MW solar project was connected to the grid, the power generation performance of LONGi modules has been stable for more than a year. Data shows that LONGi mono-crystalline solar modules can generate 2% more power than conventional modules, even with low winter temperatures and frequent snow.

In practical applications, low-light, low attenuation and stability of solar modules will affect their ultimate power generation capacity. LONGi’s mono-crystalline modules have passed various outdoor empirical tests and been applied in many large-scale projects, displaying superior outdoor anti-attenuation performance. Test results for outdoor natural ageing from the China Building Material Test & Certification Group (hereinafter referred to as "CTC") have demonstrated that LONGi mono-crystalline solar modules have an average attenuation rate of 0.38% in the first year, 0.32% in the second, and 0.36% in the third year, ranking first for all mono-crystalline modules on each occasion.

The 150MW project in Yulin City has not only brought significant eco-environmental benefits for the local area, but also greatly promoted the development of the tourism industry. The successful application of LONGi's high-efficiency mono-crystalline modules in this project has also played a positive role in diversifying local energy construction and has effectively promoted the construction and application of renewable energy in the Northwestern part of Shaanxi Province.