LONGi Green Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Initiative

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As the world’s most valuable solar technology company, LONGi Group’s mission is utilizing solar energy and building a green world. Facing severe climate change and reaching Net-Zero goal, we deeply feel that only taking steady actions step by step can deliver the power of collective commitments. 

LONGi Group has made consistent moves on carbon reduction actions since the beginning of 2021. On January 8, 2021, LONGi Group Supplier Conference was held in Xi’an. LONGi Green Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Initiative was released at the conference to implement corporate social responsibility and lead the green development of the PV industry. This was the second carbon reduction action following “From Me From Now” 21 actions to reduce carbon emissions, LONGi carbon reduction action 1. The visual image of the green footprint represents that LONGi Group starts from itself and reduces the production of "carbon footprint" and "water footprint" during the entire production life cycle of the green supply chain. Regarding green supply chain management as an innovative environmental management method, by creating a green supply chain, the PV industry can use "green energy" to produce "green energy".

We call on LONGi suppliers to jointly establish a whole production life cycle environmental value chain management system, and advocate green procurement, green design, green production and green delivery. Under the goal of carbon neutrality, we will continue to reduce carbon emissions and improve carbon sink capacity, which contribute to sustainable development with green power. On the day of the conference, more than 150 suppliers have responded to this initiative. LONGi's green supply chain will drive more industry participants, form a complete green supply chain management system, and continue to practice the sustainable development of a green low-carbon circular economy. We believe that each firm and steady green footprint will take us towards net-zero. We will fulfill our green commitments with practical actions. Our carbon reduction actions continue, so stay tuned. Watch full video on YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/oHgjUzNlG2g