2017 Ninth Guangzhou International Solar PV Exhibition

Local News

LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd showed in A Pavilion of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on Aug. 16, who became the star of Guangzhou International Solar PV Exhibition.

(The LONGi New Energy booth isvisited by the PV elites.)

The one-stop service of LONGi New energy provides for customers with the project consulting, site survey, plan design, engineering construction, project gird connection, subsidy reporting and after-sales service, the persons who is very recognized the one-stop service mode if they experience the mode and quality.

Zhanghui, who is the director of the Marketing Department of New Energy, express the distribution project of commercial and industrial projects to the exhibitors.

The Staffs explained the one-stopservice projects carefully to the exhibitors.

At this exhibition, LONG New Energy displayed a variety of products used in household distributed PV systems concentrated. The virtual household PV system based on the model is highly concerned by many exhibitors. Virtual model isbuilt by the PV modules, inverters and GRID-connected boxes, showing the advantages and quality of household distributed PV system of LONGi New Energy really and objectively. The household distributed PV system of LONGi New Energyis acting recently, they went to Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei, north-east and Henan successively with holding the "household Distributed System Investment Meeting" so that more consumers can understand and experience household distributed PV systems of LONGi New Energy.

There are many foreign friends at the exhibition, who are also interested in products of LONGi New Energy, customers from Thailand learned more about the distributed business and one-stop service of LONGi New Energy, and looked forward to carryout more businesses with LONGi New Energy in Thailand.

At present, the company set up seven large areas in the country, 11 subsidiaries,establish the Asia-Pacific region, Africa region and The Belt and Road region,and set up subsidiaries and offices in the local countries, it has formed a global layout preliminary. In the 630 grid-connected project closed in 2017,the distributed PV power station grid connection of LONGi New Energy is with more than 600 MW, and stand in the first brand of the industry stably.