Solar: Next-Generation Solution of ENERGY Development

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the cost of utilizing solar energy is declining, making it an indispensable part of our future energy solution. Solar energy is limitless, permanent, clean, and easily accessible, and proven to be the best choice of energy to power the world. The global new PV installation increased from 75GW in 2016 to 105GW in 2017, which became an industry milestone. As the cost of PV system drops year by year, more application markets are developed.

Since the development of the monocrystalline silicon cell by three scientists at Bell Labs in the 1950s, photovoltaic cell technology kept continuous improvement, and is now becoming a complete ecosystem of mature technologies and industries. With implementation of sustainable development strategies worldwide, the technology has received strong supports from governments and is widely used globally. Especially in the 21st century, the photovoltaic industry has developed at amazing speed.

Realizing the importance of high efficiency and sustainable development to solar energy, the industry is committed to increasing investment for scientific and technological innovations. Next-generation solar energy solutions will focus on lowering LCOE and achieve grid parity, which is believed the key in future development of the PV industry.

Cost reductions is more than reducing manufacturing costs in the industry chain, and is ultimately to reduce the LCOE, that is, the real cost of power generation. From this perspective, the foremost direction of our efforts is to reduce the cost of the entire system by increasing module efficiency, and the second is to reduce the cost of power generation by increasing energy yield. LONGi Solar believes monocrystalline is the most cost-effective product in this era, and can power the industry with the lowest LCOE.

We believe that our new next generation of solar and renewable energy solutions will slash LCOE by a further 10%-20%, and help us step forward the next milestone of 1000GW total installations.

Intersolar Europe will open in Munich, Germany on June 20th 2018. It is the largest and most influential solar trade fair in Europe, bringing together many internationally renowned enterprises. As a global leading solar technology company, LONGi Solar will exhibit our Hi-MO3 Half-Cut Bifacial and our range of high efficiency monocrystalline modules at Hall A1, Booth 440. LONGi Solar will offer better LCOE solutions with higher-efficiency monocrystalline PERC products.

Concurrent with Intersolar, a side-event on Thursday 21st June: “Next Generation Solutions of Solar, Renewables and Energy Storage” will be hosted by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and organized by LONGi Solar. Experts and leaders in the global solar industry will join to discuss four topics: Storage, Solar Future, Mono PERC & Bifacial, Solar System Design for Maximum and Reliable Output. Respected individuals of the industry will give keynote speeches and engage in lively panel discussions.

LONGi Solar looks forward to meeting you!