LONGi supplies 7,236 modules for the Lambertville Solar Project in New Jersey, USA

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LONGi, the world leading solar technology company, has supplied 7,236 modules for the Lambertville Solar Project in West Amwell Township, New Jersey. The project is expected to produce 2.25 megawatts (MW) AC of electricity to power a portion of Texas Eastern’s Lambertville Compressor Station and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 58,500 metric tons.

Compressor stations keep natural gas pipelines operating efficiently and are significant consumers of energy. To ensure optimal flow through the interstate pipeline system, natural gas must be periodically compressed and pushed through the pipeline. Over extended distances, friction and elevation differences reduce the pressure within the pipeline and slow the flow of gas. There are hundreds of compressor stations across North America, placed roughly 50 to 70 miles apart along the transmission pipeline system, which give the natural gas a needed “boost”, helping it get from one point to the next along the pipeline system.  The Lambertville Compressor Station operates using both natural gas powered turbines and Electric Motor Drive (EMD) compressor units.

The Lambertville Solar Project will help power the station with renewable electricity. Additionally, a number of Enbridge facilities along the Texas Eastern infrastructure are being considered for possible solar self-power projects similar to Lambertville. “LONGi is committed to offering high-efficiency modules to help our clients drive down the cost of station operations in the U.S.” said Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar, “from the climate change perspective, LONGi seeks to stand at the forefront of helping to do our part as one of the biggest manufacturers of solar modules.” The Lambertville Solar Project is estimated to produce about $11 million in combined savings for its customers over the course of its 25-year life by partially driving down the cost of electricity for station operations, with 45 construction jobs being supported.

About LONGi

LONGi, headquartered in Xi’an, China, focuses on manufacturing PV products and providing solar power technology solutions. Its product offerings range from wafers, cells, modules and PV solar power equipment to solar power systems. The LONGi Group has evolved into a global company with assets of approximately US$8.38 billion and more than US$4.65 billion in annual revenues in 2019.